Christmas Gift Ideas for HIM

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The Christmas Count-down is officially up and running, as the biggest Holiday of the year gets closer and closer each day, people are already rushing out to get the first presents for the friends and family.
We need to have a serious talk about the main gifts we intend to give to the important people in our lives such as Dads, boyfriends and husbands and In this post I’m going to give you some Christmas gifts ideas for him.

If you think that bigger is always better, then you got it wrong as you can still gift amazing presents without them having to be big cars or bikes. From the Tech-gadget lover to the Whiskey – connoiseur and the Skin-product Beauty king, here you can make sure you get the most interesting items for all types of people.


1) J.CREW CROCODILE EMBOSSED STAINLESS STEEL HIP-FLASK / £45.00: Hip-Flask are usually very nice present ideas, especially if they are embossed in crocodile skin. Amazing gadget for those gents who feel like having a sip of dutch courage every now and again in these cold and long winters, while still keeping it cool and classy.
Available @ MRPORTER.COM


2) ACQUA DI PARMA COLONIA 100ML GIFT SET / £74.00: Ultra elegant and perfect for the well-groomed man. This gift set is the Christmas present made to impress, available in a 100Ml the famous Colonia fragrance created by the notorious Acqua di Parma in 1916 comes together with the Bath+Shower Gel and the Body Cream. A WONDERFUL COMBO!


3) AESOP QUILL ANTI-OXIDANT GROOMING KIT / £115.00: Beauty-King you say? Well then this is the one box for all the beauty kings and queens out there. The Quill kit contains an hydrating serum, balancing toner and cleanser that will help you achieve the best look for your any kind of skin. Aesop has been renowned for his amazing parsley seed range products, which feed the skin the vitamins and anti-oxidants it needs. That’s a good biology trivia, don’t you think?
Available @ MRPORTER.COM


4) SMYTHSON LEATHER CUFFLINKS BOX / £230.00: Is your husband the kind of man that just lose his cufflinks all the times? No problem, from this Christmas onwards, you can change the rules and introduce him to this stunning Leather Cufflinks box. So there will be no more “hun, I can’t find the cufflinks” excuse whenever you have to go out to posh places!
Available @ MRPORTER.COM


5) LOUIS VUITTON VISIONAIRE FASHION LIMITED EDITION PORTFOLIO CASE / £5,995.00: Probably most of you are wondering, why on earth would I even pay that kind of money for a portfolio case? And I’d go: First of all, It’s a fashion limited edition item. Truly collectable and will gain value with time as unique piece of style history, and second… who wouldn’t want to show a personal portfolio on such a great portfolio case? I mean COME ON!
Available @ MRPORTER.COM


6) JACK DANIELS WHITE RABBIT SALOON SOUR MASH / £41.99: Now It’s not even about the Liquor anymore, It’s about the bottle and the fact that it’s become one of those rare collectable and limited in numbers item! As Selfridges describes “This limited edition of Jack Daniel’s release honours Mr. Jack’s opening of the White Rabbit Saloon formerly located in Lynchburg’s town square 120 years ago. This coveted bottle was only available in Tennessee while supplies lasted, and selected international markets.” I SO WANT IT, AND SO DOES YOUR OLD FELLA!


7) THE NEW IPAD / £399.00: Here’s the one gift for the Tech-Savvy man! If he’s hard-core fond of technology and video games, then I’m pretty sure that the new Ipad with the retina display will welcomed with open arms! Did you know that you can now Face time in HD?!? Technology always end up surprising me everytime!
Available @APPLE.COM

  • I think the only gift from this list the men of my life would love would be the Jack Daniels bottle. No they’re not They’re just regular guys who don’t really care about fancy stuff.
    But good choices.;)
    Diana from

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  • ROXTHEFOX says:

    These are some pretty great ideas!! Great blog, would you like to follow each other?


  • Anmari ish says:

    Great idea! just what every women need this season! I’d go for the Acqua di Parma :)
    love your blog dear, how would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC?

  • cecylia says:

    what fabulous picks for the festive season- you’ve given me some great ideas :) xx

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    Such lovely things!!! Thank you for this post, dear!


  • Great ideas! Love that post!
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  • Thank you so much for your comment!

    What great gift ideas!
    I know my man would love the new iPad,
    but unfortunately he is dating a broke Student haha :)

    Loving your blog!
    I couldn’t find a GFC or Bloglovin link,
    but now following you on Twitter (as Studious_Linda) xx

  • Tiffany says:

    nice post! you should add Stubbs & Wootton slippers to the list lol..for some reason I’ve always wanted to buy a pair for a guy!
    wow that is crazy expensive for the LV..