Bedroom Athletics x Harris Tweed

Monday, October 27, 2014 0 , Permalink 0

Walking around the house barefoot is fantastic, but as the winter season is approaching, the need of having slippers warming your feet up is getting bigger and bigger. And that’s where Bedroom Athletics come into play, filling an important gap in the market and offering a selection of the most comfortable and stylish pair of house shoes you can find!


In 2007, Bedroom Athletics arrived and managed to take over and compete against the predominant and hideous selection of slippers (I mean, you either will look a 5 years old child, or a 80 years old grandpa) that we can find from the big supermarket chains by offering a very stylish and cool range of great looking and high-quality house-shoes.


On this post, I am showing off a pair of Bedroom Athletics from their recent collaboration with Harris Tweed; these are super soft and featuring the renown Tweed fabric and Australian sheepskin lining for that extra luxurious feel.

Named after the royals (yep, you can find Charles and William!), my Edward slippers in light blue are a modern house-twist on driving shoes (also AKA Loafers)


This pair is available in different colour (It’s so hard to pick one!) like red/blue check, blue check, purple check, and grey check; and they all feature the Harris tweed logo on the side of the slipper.

For those who wish to swoon around the house feeling like a royal (like me), and those haven’t found a serious pair of slippers right for them yet, I highly recommend you all to try and look into these Bedroom Athletics x Harris Tweed range.


What can I say, I’m just loving my Bedroom Athletics!