Beachwear for this Summer

Last week we talked about How To Choose The Right Swimwear (have a read if you haven’t yet, because It’s really interesting and helfpul) with few important tips before eventually coming down with the right purchase ‘fore you hit the beach.

Well, once you’ve figured out the perfect type of beachwear you want to buy, it’s all about ideas and which designers made the best and most striking beachwear for this summer 2012.


1) MARC BY MARC JACOBS TWOTONE SWIM SHORTS / £135.00 – If you want to impress this summer then settle with these Super cool Marc Jacobs twotwone swim shorts. Practical detailing and smooth color make these beach shorts the best in the business if you want to have that “too cool for school” kind of look!

You can find these @Mr Porter Online


2) POLO RALPH LAUREN STRIPED SWIM SHORTS / £55.00 – Be bold, be great! Make a very great entrance at the beach in Polo Ralph Lauren’s striped swim shorts. The baby blue and the white vertical stripes give these shorts a very nautical yet chic look.

You can find these @Mr Porter Online


3) ORLEBAN BROWN BULLDOG MID-LENGTH SWIM SHORTS / £130.00 – ESSENTIALS! these great pieces of swimwear are a must for this summer. They have a timeless fit and cut…and the colors are surprisingly classic too. They can be worn again and again in the next 10 summer seasons. these became an all-time Favourite of many stars such as Jamie Redknapp and Alexander Skasgard.

You can find these @Mr Porter Online


EXTRA / TOM FORD CAMPBELL / £232.00 – You can’t go to the beach without a good pair of sunglasses and I found that Tom Ford makes one of the best eyewear up to date! Full of quirkiness and innovation, these Sunglasses will make sure you protect your eyes from the sun as well as make many people jealous of your purchase/investment!

You can find these @Barneys New York Online


5) HARTFORD MID-LENGTH PRINTED SWIM SHORTS / £95.00 – Very casual yet super cool printed swim shorts. These pair of shorts come in a mid-length cut and am pretty sure that will make many surfer boys wonder where you got ’em from! Pair these with white havaianas and bright blue t-shirt.

You can find these @Mr Porter Online


6) DSQUARED2 CLASSIC SWIMMING SPEEDOS / £197.00 – Red swimming speedos with a contrastic white elasticated waistband from the Canadian fashion-maison Dsquared2. These will probably won’t make you go unnoticed. Pair with a gooddamn hot and muscly chest, legs and abs 😉

You can find these @Farfetched.Com

  • milana2078 says:

    Thank you very much for your warm words! Shorts – ideal!

  • these swimwear are simply fabulous…
    you have a great taste!
    a big kiss my dear friend!

  • christian says:

    Just so want those sunnies!

  • e_hos says:

    thanks for your comment and follow! I’ll be following back! :)

    x Elisabeth

  • ylenia says:

    I like number 2 and 3….and the sunglasses, of course!
    I’ve just posted a new outfit, click here to check it out…I’ll be happy to read your opinion!

  • felix says:

    aahI love those bathing shorts!!!!! want all of them^^

  • workboy53 says:

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