American Crew Travel Bag Kit and Fiber

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1 – American Crew Fiber £12.00 / 2 – American Crew Post-Shave Cooling Lotion £16.95 / 3 -American Crew Moisturizing Shave Cream £4.99 / 4 – American Crew Classic Fregrance £4.99 / 5 – American Crew 3-IN-1 £15.45


Today I’m going to talk about hair products. It’s actually been a while since my last post about beauty and hair care (Hair Masks and Hair Products). If you remember, almost a month ago I’ve been invited to join a very cool hair-model competition for Voodou (a famous Hair Saloon-company based in Liverpool).

Me and my barber managed to come second in his category which is pretty awesome. Felix got rewarded with this amazing American Crew Travel bag which he decided to give to me (THANK YOU!).

Because of that, I just thought this could be the perfect opportunity to review one of these amazing products from a hair-products leading company.

As reported on American
American Crew is more than just a lifestyle brand or a salon supplier. It’s a landmark in the history of men’s grooming. It’s the leading salon brand created for men specifically to meet the needs of stylists.
Today American Crew continues its commitment to being one of the world’s most innovative and interesting companies.

The American Crew travel bag contains an American Crew Fiber, American Crew Classic Fregrance, A Post-Shave Cooling lotion, Moisturizing Cream and a 3-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Cream.

The product that striked my heart me is definetely the American Crew Fiber. I think it’s one of the best waxes sold at the moment. Suitable for any length and texture of hair, you can create all the styles you want and make your hair do whatever you want.
The good thing about this fiber is that it won’t leave any greasy or wet look. We all know that we don’t want to end up looking like we took a bath in a sea of grease, right?!?

The package is very sleek. All Black/dark brown with a blue lid, which makes this product pleasant to the eye and easily spottable when you go down to your favourite hair saloon.
Another pro about this wax is that the smell is very pleasant.

I highly believe that this American Crew Fiber works best to create a natural looks however. The tub comes in one size only which is 100g or 3.5 OZ. I find it enough to last for couple of months, obviously depending on the length of your hair and the amount you use. (I usually go for a little pinch, it’s more than enough for me)

Overall I have not a negative thing to say about it, and many people who’ve tried it had always good word to say about it…so I’d give this product a good 9!

The Pros:

-Easily mouldable and workable on any kind of hair
-Pleasant Smell
-Good for natural looks
-Sleek Package
-It Lasts for a long time

The Cons:
-Higher Price than most Matte-products

If you can find it, try to get hold of the Travel Bag, It contains all of the products above which can save you money in the long run. If bought separately these products can get very expensive (about £65.00)

What’s your favourite hair product? and What do you usually use for your hair? Please leave some comments, I’m just too curious to know how you treat your hair 😉

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