I Left my Heart in Paris Part #3

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One of the things that striked me in Paris was the architecture, I’m a huge fans of anything that looks beautiful and overly-adorned. If you love baroque then France is the right place for you, full of history and art.


You have to take a walk from Le Jardin des Tuileries towards the Champs Elisee to realize how beautiful the scenery is. As you walk that way, you start to gaze the Eiffel tower from the distance, even if It’s still pretty far.

Right before going down the Champs Elisee, you can stop and have a proper look at the massive Luxor Obelisk, an incredibly tall Egyptian obelisk that stands at the center of the Place de la Concorde. Next to this ancient statue, you can take a few snap shots at the beautiful fountain of River Commerce and Navigation.

Once you’re ready you can start walking down towards the Champs. While you stroll your way down to the Arch of the Thriump, you can take the time and enjoy a very typical french culinary delicacy: Le Crepes au Chocolate. There are many varieties of crepes, and you can decide whether you prefer a savoury or sweet one.

If you managed to walk through the whole high street, then you can finally see the most amazing arch you will ever see in your life: The Arch of Thriump. This famous monument stands in the center of the place Charles du Gaulle. If you want to take the time, you can decide to do a little trip and go on top of it to take a few pictures of the surrounding! If you have the time I highly recommend it.

Another interesting fact about The Arc de Thriomphe is that you can easily orientate yourself, if you feel lost, you can find your way thanks to the amazing pattern of the city. After having a look around at the names inside the arch, I made my way towards the Eiffel tower. I will definetely tell you all about it on the next post, which will be dedicated completely about the most peculiar and famous tower in the world! So stay tuned and enjoy the pictures!

  • Beautiful! How could anyone not love Paris?! :) Also love that Cartier is part of this set!


  • Hi! Yes, it would be very nice to follow each other. Really like your blog and I am going to paris on next week’s friday. It’s my third time and I am so excited! Following you now on bloglovin. Let’s keep in touch :)


  • Tiffany says:

    gorgeous, gorgeous photos!!! Paris definitely has some of the most stunning architecture