I Left my Heart in Paris Part #2

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Second part of my Parisian trip with more pictures guys! I have to say that I absolutely adore how easy it is to find your way in Paris. It’s a great place to get lost because of the Pattern of the city.
As soon as I reached Gare du Nord by train and locked my luggages, I went out and started to follow the main road , I did have a map and having a specific tour in mind helps all the times.

The best decision I’ve made that day was probably going on top of the Eiffel Tower. The queue was incredibly long and I probably had to wait about an hour or so, but I decided to keep that luxury at the end, right before dusk. As you can Imagine as soon as I got on top the tower started glowing and the city surrounding us was twikling with all the lights. It made it all worth it!

Walking through the Champs Elisee was another great experience, I’ve absolutely loved it and as I was walking past and passing by all the main shops, I stopped at this little cafe called Paul. It was fairly expensive but totally worth it. They made incredibly good baguettes and other sweet/savoury pastries.
I still have many more pictures, so I can show you and tell you more about it all!

  • Mr kane says:

    I so want to go to Paris!
    Thanks for sharing the photos!


  • Seems to be an amazing experience! And your photos are really stunning!
    I don’t know why but I am much more attracted by London or Milan than Paris. Maybe because I speak French. So I don’t really have the impression of being traveling when I am there!

    I will stay tuned on your next post!


    Julia from aboyeur.blogspot.com

  • Dan says:

    Paris looks fabulous and lots of my friends love it so so much!
    traveling in general is fantastic:)

  • Stefan says:

    Wow, I like your pictures.
    Wanna travel to paris in the future too.

    Greetings from germany
    Stefan aka SpeedTutorial

  • Tiffany says:

    ahh so beautiful. Paris is still so familiar to me. Like I feel like I was JUST there even though it’s been months..

  • felix says:

    everyone’s posting their vacation pics :)) love it!!
    Paris will always be one of the most beautiful cities :)