Spring/Summer Looks 13 at MRPORTER

Still looking for some inspiration for outfits to add in your spring/summer wardrobe? One of my favourite online-retailers: MRPORTER can give you the right ideas to put together and make different looks for different occasions, whether you want to chill at a pool-party or get serious at a private-event.

The first outfit is very preppy and it’s mainly focusing on the young and the guy who likes to keep an american-appearance. The sweater is from tokyo-based brand Undercover, the bold paint-brushes graphic is the main attraction and will make you stand out from the crown – BUY Undercover Sweater-.


Wear the sweat with a baby blue derek cotton shirt from NN.07 to create layers and match it with a pair of navy simon slim-fit chinos, to complete the look, don’t forget to accessorize with a nice pair of rayban sunglasses and Balenciaga tote-handbag.


If you want to appear 100% prep, then don’t forget to buy the most important garment of them all: a pair of Boat shoes – Sperry Top-Sider canvas boat shoes propose an incredible and cheap alternative to the leather ones – BUY Sperry Top-Sider Canvas Boat-Shoes 


The second outfit, which you can find below, is more alternative and if you are a lover of Givenchy and the quirkiness of Riccardo Tisci’s creations, then this is definitely the perfect one for you!


The main focus of the outfit is the t-shirt, the Givenchy Madonna print-cotton jersey t-shirt which features the striking picture of a dark-Virgin mary, the main theme of the S/S13 collection – BUY Givenchy Madonna T-shirt –
Change it up and wear it underneath one the most striking Suits by Raf Simons, a slim-fit plaid-blend jacket and tailored shorts to add the extra kick of elegance and diversity BUY Raf Simons Slim-Fit Blazer and Shorts


If it’s warm, get a pair of sandals for this summer: Lanvin proposes a beautiful range of leather and suede sandals featuring an ultra sleek silhoutte and perfect for the brave super-hard core fashionistas! – BUY Lanvin Leather Sandals – Oooh, one last thing, don’t forget to add that extra-layer of mystery with a pair of Illesteva sunglasses!


  • amo says:

    great selection
    i love givenchy tshirt


  • Yara Mel says:

    I looove the boat shoes 😀

    shall we follow each other?


    Subscribe on youtube for DIY and fashion videos. I’ts gonna be a lot of fun 😀