Outfit Selection #57: The right Blazer

Choosing the right blazer might not be a difficult task, styling it tho, is a lot harder than it seems. Stand alone blazers are usually suit jackets that don’t come with matching trousers, they are very smart but are also very versatile, as you could match them with a pair of jeans to achieve a more young and relaxed look; if you feel brave enough, you can go for the broken suit, by mixing two different patterns or materials to create a sophisticated look.


The latter is definitely for the more experienced, so today I’m going to quickly show you through this outfit selection, how you can revolve an outfit by starting with your favourite blazer. In this case, I picked an elegant single breasted jacket by Skopes Kirkwall (available at Jacamo) featuring a gingham style print.

I would suggest you pick a pair of beige or stone colour trousers to match the blazer, like these Etro slim fit pants.


To achieve an even more trendy look, wear the AMI suede jacket on top of the suit jacket, and finish it off with a pair of white Maison Valentino sneakers. As all the people in the fashion industry know, it’s totally acceptable and fashionable to wear trainers with a suit nowadays!!


Don’t forget to add a back pack, as they are currently on trend, these are useful and super comfortable for carrying your day to day things with you.