Outfit Selection #53: Top Fall 2016 Accessories

There are way too many accessories in my wish list from the Autumn/Winter 2016 collections; have you seen the checked Dior Homme weekender? or what about the Gucci ghost XL leather tote, for example.

So, to keep it short and sweet, I put together a top 5 selection of what I really really love, and what I believe should be in every gent’s wardrobe.


Intricate prints and 70s seem to have made a huge comeback this season, with brands such as Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo choosing specific bright and bold patterns and clashing them together, on another side, we have also brands such as Valentino and Ports 1961, which are loving their stars/camouflage combination, turning this idea onto their leather accessory range, and ready to wear.


If you don’t feel brave enough to own these two trends, suede and leather are a safe yet chic choice for men. These will look great as shoes or bags, Tod’s and Prada, for example, are great brands that always focus on the best leather accessories, but are also experts on producing and making it into RTW such as leather trousers, and jackets.



GUCCI PRINTED SILK TWILL SCARF   /  (find more scarves here)

GUCCI GG BROWN LEATHER BELT  /    (find more leather belts here)

PORTS 1961 LEATHER POUCH   / (find different pouches here)

OVADIA & SONS OXFORD SHOES  / (find different oxford shoes here)