Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under £50

Father’s day is only around the corner and two of the FAQ I get from people over and over are: What should I get my dad? and Is there any way I can avoid spending hundreds and hundreds of pounds and still give something that doesn’t look like a cheap pair of socks and shaving cream?


The answer is obvious and simple. Yes, you can find something decent to give to your father without feeling totally ashamed about it, you won’t have to send it by post to make sure you avoid the awkward look in his face once he gets to open the present, FORGET all that.
If we all had an unlimited amount of money it’d just be way too easy, I mean, you can get him a cruise trip around the world, or a super expensive Rolex but this is not it, the challenge is on when you have to give something cool and be on a budget, so here’s my little list of things you can get him for under 50 pounds!


1) THE ART OF SHAVING / CARRY ON KIT – Lemon: We talked about giving shaving cream to your dad before, well, It’s always an appreciated gift idea if it’s well presented and this Art of Shaving carry on kit cuts it on the presentation-side.

It looks classy and it comes with a shaving brush, pre-shave oil, shaving cream and after shave balm to make your skin soft as a baby’s bum! The carry on pouch was specifically made to be able to carry it on your weekender. It’s available in Lemon scented and Unscented version.
PRICE: £43.00 – You still have enough money to buy him a card and a coffee….


2) PAUL SMITH WOVEN LEATHER BRACELET: If you are lucky to still have a young-ish dad, then this could be in his interest, can be worn next to your favourite watch to add something extra, this beautiful leather bracelet can be elegant and give an intercontinental look, think french… croissants and beige trousers, that kind of look.

Sir Paul Smith can hardly disappoint when it comes to accessories, and am pretty sure your old one will not be able to not like this.
PRICE: £50.00


3) CANALI PRINTED SILK POCKET SQUARE: This is a bang on present, people!!!! you can’t really go wrong with pocket squares, especially if it’s for the “oldies”, if they wear suits and dinner-wear a lot, then a good pocket square is the way to go and you CAN’T go wrong with Canali: the italian brand that represents the classic italian tailoring and style. You can choose two designs, a cream colour which can be mixed with blacks and navy, or a baby blue, which works great with a tan suit.

PRICE: £50.00


4) HACKETT LONDON NUMBER SOCKS: Socks have got to be the most gifted items to dads during Father’s day, that’s for sure…We just buy socks because we just don’t know what else to buy, socks and underwear…easy and done, well If you can’t resist the temptation to buy so, then why not buying a decent set of socks? Hackett London comes up with this box, each pair of socks is numbered 1-4 and is different in colour – erm..4 shades of grey – and they are also ribbed so you don’t have to worry about slipping. Just great, don’t you think?

PRICE: £40.00 – Still give you margin to get a pair of decent Undies from T.K MAXX, ha!


5) SELFRIDGES SELECTION / BORDEAUX AND CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES SET: This is the right gift set for the kind of father who’s not bothered about menswear and accessories, if he loves his drink and his food, then the bordeaux bottle and chocolate truffles carefully selected from Selfridges is the way to go. My dad would prefer this for example as he’s a wine kind of man and he’s very simple and not fussed about material things, it looks very impressive and am sure would make any dad happy, especially when they start sipping on the red vino!

PRICE: £38.99 – You can buy more stuff, maybe a nice cheese and crackers to go with it, and BAM, you just got yourself a happy dad!

  • amo says:

    nice selection
    i dont’t mind any one


  • ciao dear Ronan, you proposed nice ideas!
    you have a very good taste, as usual!
    a big kiss from Italy!