Beach, Summer and Sunglasses

Well aren’t you guys excited for Summer? I’m so looking forward to the next few months… hotter temperature, sunny days and so on! And you know that sunglasses are gonna be essential as they are gonna be your best friends for spring and summer! (I actually do wear sunglasses even during winter lol) Here’s a little list of quirky and stylish sunnies… hope you’ll get some inspiration from my post!!

1) PERSOL STEVE MCQUEEN: I talked about these cool sunnies on a previous post (Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas) and I’m really in love with these ones, I have a similar pair from Topman but they obviously are not the same, if you can afford them, I definetely recommend them. They are a must BUY!
You can find these sunglasses on ASOS
2) BOTTEGA VENETA tortoise shell aviator sunglasses: I’m quite in love with these sunnies. They looklike the ones we saw on the Gucci Runway show during Milan Fashion week!! What can I say… They are stunning! Mr porter description sells them for me! “These tortoiseshell aviator sunglasses with subtle green lenses by Bottega Veneta marry practicality with retro style. Send the style barometer sky high and team these sleek shades with a fresh white shirt and chinos”
You can find these sunglasses on MR PORTER
3) ILLESTEVA leonard round framed wooden sunglasses: I thought they deserve to be in my list as they are quirkiest pair I’ve ever seen in my life! Wooden framed sunglasses!!! You heard it!!! That’s all I’m gonna say.
You can find these sunglasses on MR PORTER
4) RAYBAN wayfarer: Timeless piece of sunglasses, we’ve seen them on hundreds and hundreds of movies and tv shows (Breakfast at Tiffany’s anyone?), they are the classic pair of sunglasses..and classic never dies! If you buy this little jewel then you will know for sure that you did a good investement as they are still gonna be cool in 50 years from now!!
You can find these sunglasses on RAYBAN
5) SUPER sunglasses visiva series, poissons: Well, I know that SUPER sunglasses aren’t as much known, but among super stars they surely are seen as the sickest and modern pair of sunglasses you can find. Made in Italy these stars can make you feel exactly like one!! I own a pair and they are white with a golden detail on the side… well these new visiva edition looks incredibly GORGEOUS! the fish on the inside is just too much for my brain! I soooooooo want them now.
You can find these sunglasses on RETROSUPERFUTURE
6) TOM FORD peter sunglasses: This model is a bit old, and it’s very very hard to find, but if you can get hold on to these then you can consider yourself lucky! The shape is incredible and it was love at first time with these!! Damn Right!!!
Please let me know if you do wear sunglasses, and which ones you have or want to buy in the near future 😉
  • christian says:

    love number 5 and 3!

    • number 5 is just dreamy! they are not even as expensive as like other ones.. they sell around £100-150, the only thing is that they are rare as they go soooooo quickly! :(

      thanks for the comment Christian :)

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  • Bottega Veneta is my favorite!!!



  • i love all them hahahaha

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    Nice post! They all look cool!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

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