A Cinema Experience with Jack Wills

There are certain things that need to be experienced in life, and Jack Wills organised an incredible Cinema experience night-out in London, alongside with the Royal Academy of Arts, and the Nomad Cinema, for a 4 days event all about movies and the pleasure of an outdoor summer experience.


I was invited to join on the 26th, during the night of the projection of the Darjeeling Limited (the other movies were Casablanca, in the mood for love and Frances Ha), starring the very-funny Owen Wilson and Adrien Brody as estranged brothers who happen to reunite for a trip across India, this movie’s directed by one of my favourite directors: Wes Anderson.

I mean, sitting in the gardens of Burlington House, and enjoying one of your favourite movies, while *possibly* gazing at the stars above and sipping on a G&T… where can you get that? Certainly not at the regular movies


Here’s some of the pictures showing the amazing space, the people and the little details that made it such a great event (like the Ice cream, the street food and the music)

Keep your eyes peeled for the next editorial post which is going live in the next few days, featuring my favourite pieces from the latest Autumn collection that’s already available in store and online!!



Ron x