Let’s Party @ The Hilton with the BBC crew

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 5 Permalink 0

What a great night I had last night! It was my friend Linn’s 25th Bday (Happy bday again babe) and she organized a good night out with a bunch of peeps and drinks! We started off at the Albert Dock, which I talked about previously (Remember Gusto?), and the best was when we decided to go for drinks at the Hilton Hotel! It was sooooooo fancy inside. Live music was played near the lobby by the bar and this awesome singer was just too good to be true (I remember accusing him of not singing and just lip syncing, woops) …Accompanying us with songs in a very Frank Sinatra/Michael Buble style! New York New York, a super cool cover of Born This Way by Lady Gaga, Mr Brightside by the Killers… and the list goes on and on ;)!


But the main surprise came after half an hour after we got there, we were sipping on our Cocktails and drinks, while suddenly this group of people started to invade the room, and apparently, they were all from the BBC! so we were surrounded by actors, producers, writers and all that jazz! I have to admit that I felt I was famous for a moment (That’s where I’m going to be at some point haha)… We managed to take some snaps with some actors and producers, (The girls actually met the guy from Inspector Lynley. :D)
I really enjoyed myself and that surprise turned a good night into a memorable ONE! I’m sure we won’t forget that one! Here below some shots that I managed to take of the night 😉 Hope you like them



In these pictures: Linn, Tessa, Chris and Me
I was Wearing:
Topman Navy Peacoat
Topman Purple L/S Smart Shirt
Topman Denim
Beige Desert Boots
Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall
  • Anja says:

    Wow very nice photos! thank you so much for the lovely comment. do you like my new outfit?

    <3 Anja


  • V. says:

    love the light of these pics!!

    check out my blog if u get a second!