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The other night I went dining out in Liverpool. I didn’t really know where to go but then, while I was flickin through my mail, It came back to me that I had an awesome deal at Gusto, one of the best Italian restaurants in Liverpool. So I booked a table, took my camera with me and decided to go and have a good time while having the opportunity to take you guys with me.
GUSTO is located in the really funky but romantic Albert dock area, close to the Hilton hotel and the renown Tate Museum. If you love Italian food and you’re looking to mix the finest food with a jazzy cool ambience then you should definitely consider stopping by.
As soon as you get inside, you get blown away by the sophisticated environment….
A shower of white lights surrounding the windows will welcome you while the red lights, the big round lamps, the dark atmosphere and the jazz/swing music will make you feel like you’ve just made the right decision!
Once you sit on the table, you might be among the lucky ones to be on the side that faces the dock. Imagine yourself sipping on a good glass of Chianti while glancing at the water, now seriously…. How cool is that?
The main room that is opposite the bar has been built with a concept that the restaurant came up with the statement “con amici” which in Italian means “with friends”. You can see long tables with a cool orange/red light coming from the inside, and it can seat up to 40 people, making the restaurant the perfect place for awesome parties and reunions of all kinds.
Some of you may know that I love trying food and that I’m not scared of getting to try different things even if I might not be keen on some ingredients. But it’s all about trying, and as they say, you never know until you’ve (in this case) tasted it.
For my Starter I decided to go with the Baked Avocado with Baby Scallops surrounded by a bed of rocket and tomato dressing. Followed by Garlic pizza bread with Cheese. I’m a fan of scallops and I’ve gotta say that I’ve never eaten anything so different, I wasn’t keen about the Avocado, but in this particular dish, it worked! It tasted very meaty and the Scallops were just the cherry on top!
For my Main I went for the Pork Cutlet Saltimbocca with Parma ham.  I couldn’t resist so we ordered some Fries and Polenta Chips with our mains. ……………They were sooo YUMMY!
If you get the chance to come around, I’d definitely recommend to stop by, and chillax with a delicious plate of Tagliatelle and a glass of Pinot on your table!
Just so you know every Sunday it’s Swing and Jazz night and if you book a table and register online you can get amazing deals throughout the year by newsletter.
  • Ohhh…It must be wonderul this restaurant!
    the pictures are fantastic and the plates seem to be really good!!!!!!
    I’m italian and I love italian cuisine that I think is one of the best of the world.
    thank you to let us know this awesome place!

    Ciao my dear friend!

    p.s. I’m happy that you liked my new post!

    It wasn’t difficult to do the trekking in the glacier, you have only to learn how to walk with the crampons.

  • Yes it is really quirky there! loved both the food and the restaurant itself! the pics are okay, there are couple of shots but I have to improve my food photography! but it was pretty dark there so I had to manage :/ I feel a but rude tho to take pics of food, and I’d never ever use the flash cos people would wanna kill me. when you eat its the last thing you want!

    It must have been such an experience, but I’d definetely give it a go! see I never had a fascination for south america, but now I really would love to go and visit! thanks to you!!
    cant wait to see more pics of argentina 😀

  • Ah I love perving at what people eat. this all looks delicious! x