Instagram Diary #8

Sunday, July 1, 2012 6 , , Permalink 0

It’s been such a great week full of surprises and little events that brightened up my life. I managed to go out on pay day for dinner @ this restaurant in Liverpool called “The Living Room” with a group of friends.


Then I had a good catch up with Hannah and we dined at Gourmet Burger Had one of the best burgers ever! and you can see the skinny fries on the instapic above


TWS visits spiked up which is great so keep it up people!

I was wondering if any reader is a member of The Fashion Spot forum… if so, can you please send an invite? I’ve been waiting ages to join! If so please let me know by commenting below 😀

Payday meant as well new shoes! I got those chukka low shoes from the topman sales (£18.00!) and I just love them so much, except for the fact that they scraped the back of my foot and now it’s achy.
What do you think of the Armani watches? I’m considering it to hint it to my dad for my birthday -which is coming up soon-
Fashion Week in Paris, London and Milan are over… It has been very exciting and I hope to be able to do a proper coverage on the field next season! -keep my fingers crossed-
By the way, what’s up with those cats in the Burberry Prorsum Backstage? 😉

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  • Ángela says:

    I love these photos! Uhmmm yummym I’m hungry now! Thank you so so much for your comment on my blog, following you now!!

    A very big hug!

    Eyes of zodiac

  • Bimbo Diva says:

    Absolutely made me crazy for your news!!! becoming reader :_P

    xOxOx Sandy

    PS for everyone: special tanning tips and summer fashion at

  • Lovely says:

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog :) Yours pic are better. *.*

  • Mat says:

    the shoes were a nice bargain

    • yup! I should have put it in my staff card and get them for much much less oh well! £18 is still good 😀
      only thing is that they really kill my feet :/