Instagram Diary #28: Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter everyone, I really hope you enjoy your day and don’t forget that It’s the first day of our clock going forward! So we finally start to get more light as the day gets longer and longer… Summer isn’t too far away now!!


Now I know I haven’t posted as much on Instagram but I hope you forgive me for my lack of creativity! I promise I will try to get more and more pictures.
Let’s start with the day when I visited Portobello, It was a bit rainy but still an enjoyable Sunday afternoon filled with antiques and junk of all kinds.


I love Portobello market especially for antiques-hunting as it’s the right place if you want to get anything vintage.
Leather cases, satchels, old leather rugby balls and silver flasks… they are there and damn expensive I must add, but if you have a passion for collecting old things then that area is the right for you.


Also, how beautiful is the Burberry Head Office? It’s right near Lambeth bridge – On horse ferry road to be exact – and I’ve heard the interior design was supervisioned by Christopher Bailey himself, so not only a one-trick-pony! I love Mr Bailey and his creativity, and it’s great to know he’s very much into all exterior aspects that don’t involve clothing only.


If you want to know the truth, my dream would be able to work there someday, I just love the atmosphere and coolness of the Burberry head office and as well I’m a crazy-fan of the brand so that would be an explosive combination… – Mr Bailey if you are reading this, I want to be in your gang! lol
As usual, if you wish to see more pictures, you can add me on Instagram @xmrbrightside89, if you leave a comment I’ll make sure to follow you back!!

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