Instagram Diary #27: Cara Delavigne for VOGUE UK

Hey guys, I’d like to apologize first about the lack of posts recently but have been ultra busy. Now that things have gone back to normal, I will be able to post again like I used to, so don’t worry about that.
Today we take it a bit easy with a series of Instagram pictures taken in the past 2 weeks. As you know I managed to go to LFW and have posted a few pictures of awesome street-style outfits, then I was also invited to the Pringle of Scotland presentation that was held near the Tate Modern.
It was a simply amazing presentation and most of the clothes were divine, as my friend Helen from Helenswardrobe said “the outfits were very verstile and wearable, not overly extravagant but still had an edgy look” and I have to agree with her there.
In the meanwhile, I’ve also had the chance to visit the Burberry menswear store, yes once again! You know sometimes you just go down there to have a nose and find amazing things. The shopping window showcased some of my favourite S/S13 things such as the metallic blue gabardine and the metallic pink ipad case! Just divine!!
If you’ve missed my previous post about the latest Spring/Summer collection, you can click here to know more about it and buy it in store and online @BURBERRY.COM

Another thing I’m loving right now is the Kenzo Tiger print Iphone case, made both for the Iphone 4 and 5, this lovely case is the perfect accessory to add onto your fashionista collection! Absolutely LOVING it and for the small price of £25 how can you go wrong?
As usual, if you wish to see more pictures, you can add me on Instagram @xmrbrightside89, if you leave a comment I’ll make sure to follow you back!!

PS: Don’t you just love Cara Delavigne? She’s such a stunner and always find myself imagine how life would be having her as best mate! Anyways, she definitely looked divine on the front cover of Vogue UK and in the shoot by Mario Testino!!! Cara-OH-CARA!