Instagram Diary #23

Thursday, December 20, 2012 1 , , Permalink 0

Have you been to Selfridges during Christmas time before? Well, If you haven’t yet, you should make it up and get your ass down there as it’s simply outstanding! I was there last Saturday just casually browsing and trying to look for anything cool to buy.


As I passed the make up section and got by the massive escalators, an amazing group of voices were singing some of the best Christmas songs…. with a very jazz twist! All gather up on the three floors by the massive bells… It was just a magical experience! I’m not sure if they do that every week-end but it is worth trying.


Also, I had the pleasure to visit the National History Museum…. one word: GORGEOUS! The building itself was really impressive and it just seemed to be the perfect place to hang around and discover things. As you can see from the pictures the main hall is perfection. It reminds me of the Hall from Harry Potter…if I have to be quite frankly 😛

Another cool place to hang around during Christmas time is Somerset House, the main quarter of the British Fashion Council. You can go and ice skate and have a lovely Hot Chocolate topped up with Cream and Marshmallows. You’ll have the tastiest hot chocolate you’ve ever had. The Christmas tree is my favourite, full of red ribbons and silver balls. Definitely better than the one in Trafalgar Square!

Also, my question for you… Which is your favourite pic of the bunch? I think mine is the last one with all the Paul’s delicacies. It makes my mouth water EVERYTIME! haha

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    Ooh lala, your instagram pics are fab!