Instagram Diary #21: London Edition

Have you ever had the chance to see London during this time of the year? It’s already such a beautiful city but somehow it gets even more magical when they turn all the Christmas lights on.

I had the chance to be in London for two days last week and It was really nice to see it all “dressed up” for Christmas.
As you can see I took a shot of some of the main landmarks such as Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. The fountains there are just incredible! On the first pic you can even have a little glimpse of the Big Ben in the distance! Can you guys see it?

During those two days I also had the chance to visit the new Burberry menswear store in Knightsbridge with my friend Hannah, what can I say? It was STUNNING! The clothes were amazing but nonetheless the furniture and the interior of the shop were just wowing me.
A Little trip to Harrods was well deserved too, which was only a few mins away by foot!
Have you guys ever been to London? If so, which is your favourite place hang around?

Once again, I’ve taken many more pics of London and if you’re interested in seeing more, you can add me on Instagram @xmrbrightside89 and on twitter @xmrbrightside89

Just mention that you come from TWS and I will add you back 😉

  • Sarah Lewis says:

    I wish I was in London right now ! Love your blog :)


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  • Eros Buzza says:

    one of the best cities in the world! 😉

    Eros (

  • Tiffany says:

    I miss London so much!! I would love to be there during the Christmas season someday..very beautiful shots!
    how far away do you live from there?

    • It’s really cool there during xmas, with all the xmas markets and the xmas lights on! 😀 you should definitely go someday around this time of the year!
      and only 2 hours by train :) xx

  • I’ve never been but am DYING too! Great photos, will also keep in mind that this is a great time of year to see it! Thanks!


  • Isa says:

    So jealous you are in London! Looks like you’re enjoying it!

  • I really want to visit London, and I know I will do it, but I don’t know when ahahah

    I’m following you.

    PS: when I saw the name of your friend “Hannah”, it remembered me of “Hannah Montana”

    Hugs 😉