Instagram Diary #18

Sunday, October 14, 2012 4 No tags Permalink 0

Right there’s a few things I need to fill you in guys, first of all, I’ve set up a new business email account, so all of you who are interested in collaborating/sponsoring TWS, then you can contact me now at… It sounds all very profesh and super cool, doesn’t It?

Now coming to my everyday life, well I’ve been quite busy lately and It was slightly harder to post all the times but I definetely did manage, I apologize anyways just in case.
I’ve changed my Iphone wallpaper and I found the Givenchy shark print and It had to go on my wallpaper right away, I just love IT!

I also had the chance to buy the last book of the Hunger Games series, and I just cannot wait to start it as soon as I have some spare time. It is supposed to be amazing,and I just loved Catching fire so so much that I absolutely had to get Mockinjay as well. If you haven’t purchased it yet, I definetely recommend you to go and get it now.

So That’s about it really, nothing exciting has happened yet, but I will tell you all about my new plans very soon. I will start again to post my personal looks too. so just stay tuned guys

As usual, if you are curious to see what I get up to, and the things I like, just follow me on Instagram
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  • Stefan says:

    I like your new wallpaper.

    Greetings from germany
    Stefan aka SpeedTutorial

  • EV says:

    Loving your blog<3 It’s got all the right elements to it~ Following!
    By the way, thanks for stopping by~


  • clynesio says:

    great blog! i love it..!
    if you have time you can visit my blog..
    and i’ll be happy if we’ll follow each other ?