Instagram Diary #33: Opening Night at Salon QP

Last week I had the pleasure to attend one of the most glamorous and anticipated Watch event in the UK: Salon QP 2014! Held at the Saatchi Gallery, It is an yearly exhibition of fine watches, and anything to do with jewellery and time keeping instruments (You can find pocket watches and clocks too).


I had my invitation sent by Page and Cooper, a brand we collaborated with in the past, and they have an amazing selection of watches from brands they stock online, such as Autodromo, Fortis, Squale, Halda and Sinn. All names that might not be as known as the commercial Micheal Kors, but have plenty of history to back them up, attention to detail and exclusivity.


For example, I was extremely impressed when I found out that Sinn was the creator of the first automatic watch for use in space, or… to remain in the intergalactic theme, that Fortis is the official manufacturer of watches used for the Russian space programme. Now, that’s certainly a way to mark history!

Autodromo, was also another watch-maker that caught my attention for its little details. This masculine watch is understated, yet extremely elegant (Veloce Stainless steel for example, is very minimal, a certain favourite of mine).


Walking through the galleries, I was amazed at the precise movements, the beauty and the skills involved into making all these different fine watches (Let’s not mention the price!). Other brands such as Chopard, Jaeger Le-coutre, Burberry and Hermes were also showcasing their latest creations at the exhibition.


Harrods stand was another remarkable one, having in stock watches encrusted in diamonds and gold, they are sold for more than 70.000 GBP! Or, if you wish to break the bank, how about a quarter of a Million pounds designer watch, in pure titanium with a very phenomenal tourbillon movement.


But that wasn’t all, Hermes also won it for me, for the beautiful tiny landscapes they created for the watches: The reversed Eiffel towers/Paris city view, the seahorse marine aquascape, and the ice-cave. Hermes watches, are absolutely gorgeous and ooze elegance, and they all feature luxurious quality leather such as alligator skin, for the strap, and the most prestigious gold for the metal parts.

Salon QP was a night to remember, full of success and interesting history behind each designer; It was incredible to find out how these fine quality watches are made and why they are so exclusive. It made me realise that a watch, isn’t just a watch.