Fall Fragrances: Top 5 Men’s Perfumes

Finding the perfect men’s fragrance for this Fall can be somehow quite tricky; many guys stick with what they have but if you are wishing to purchase something new for this season or, like me, are in the constant hunt of changing and try a new scent, then this post is the right one for you. 

Spicy and woody fragrances are the most suitable for this season, the earthiest the better really. Fresh and cystrusy fragrances are left in the bathroom’s cupboard and substituted by all those men potions that contain wood, leather, white musk and tobacco – for example -. But which ones are the best men’s perfumes that made it on our Top 5 for this Fall 2013? Let’s find out together!

1) Burberry Brit Rhythm / Burberry : British fashion house Burberry did it again, coming with an incredible rock glam fragrance; Burberry Brith Rhythm, a young and funky perfume, enclosing a heart of black leather, patchouly and styrax resin. Spicy and intensive, this is a sexy fragrance for men who like to be comfortable in their own skin, this, will be the perfect aroma for the wintery nights as well as the days. from £45.00

2) Amazing Green / Comme Des Garcon : A Blast of green during an autumn day might sound a bit odd, but Comme Des Garcons enclosed an incredible mix of scents, starting with a gunpowder explosion of smoke and flint, clashing with the strong energy and aromas from the evergreen jungles. Naturally wild, and strong, this fragrance ends with a smoky explosion again of gunpowder and white musk. An incredible adventure bottled up in what might look like a shiny beetle. Who wouldn’t want to have it? from £57.00

3) Spice bomb / Viktor&Rolf: If you are a fan of spicy fragrances, then this is the perfect one for you, following the name and doing what it basically “says on the tin”, this particular men’s perfume is a mix of all the spices enclosed in a grenade bottle. It lasts a couple of hours on your skin, but the pepper and leathery aromas make it worth the purchase. from £47.00


4) Polo Red by Ralph Lauren: Polo Red is for the risk-taker in every guy and mixes strong scents in a spicy and woody perfume that create that adrenaline rush; as shown on the ad, it’s for the man with drive, that kind of guy who has a need for speed, adrenaline and seduction. This latest Ralph Lauren fragrance is nothing but fiery and masculine, thanks to the red saffron, deep red wood and red grapefruit. A scent with drive, that’s for sure. from £30.00


5) Yohji Homme by Yohji Yamamoto: I’ve discussed about Yohji Homme in a previous post, and after discovering it in Selfridges, I have to bow down to this free spirited creation made by none other than Japanese Designer Yamamoto. Based on an eternal journey of self discovery, this top notch perfume contains coffee, bergamot and cardamom with a hint of rum and leather to give it a very sophisticated and spicy touch. Just in LOVE! from £35.00