YMC Waffle Knit and Rib Knit Jumpers

Thursday, January 31, 2013 0 , Permalink 0

YMC is definitely a brand that made me recently discover how good British fashion can be. It’s not all the time about the overly big name, YMC which stands for You Must Create (www.youmustcreate.com) was born back in 1995 with the concept of creating garments that don’t necessary follow the trends but provide the solution for clothing that is wearable and smart at the same time.

This time, I was contacted to write about these wonderful jumpers, absolutely perfect for the current weather conditions as the snow had hit the UK; these roll-necks and crew necks knitwear can protect you from the freezing cold. Made in England from British wool, these garments can be very versatile and are perfect to create layers to your outfits.

Coming in different colors – my favourites are the ecru, burgundy and navy – and styles and featuring a rib knit body and thick rib cuffs, these jumpers won’t fail on doing their job and providing great dapperness to whoever wears them.

As you can see on the picture below, I’ve tried to create a little board focusing on my favourite turtle-neck jumper in navy. I’ve decided to make a smart outfit so I mixed our YMC roll-neck jumper with a white fitted-blazer that will go over it, a pair of skinny denim and leather brogues to create a super chic Italian-style. Afterall, we all know how the roll-neck can enhance the look of an outfit.
Lets finish the look with a pair of tortoise-shell Sunglasses and cotton bag that recalls the color of your jumper and voitla! you are good to walk down the streets of Milano with your head held high!

This wonderful and exclusive capsule collection is sold on the website YouMustCreate.com. The roll-neck jumpers are sold at £159.00 while the waffle knitted crew neck jumpers are sold at £169.00. Well, what are you guys waiting for?