YMC Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear Show

London Collections is back in town guys and on the second day, I attended one of the major fashion shows: YMC!
I am always very pleased with the brand and end up going crazy-in-love with each collection as the clothes turn to be incredibly versatile and wearable: The child-like patterns and the creamy and light colours seen on the runway made the whole collection very neutral and bold, hence the versatility I mentioned before, it’s just so incredibly easy to mix up their clothes to give them different twist each time.

This Spring Summer collection is all about the brand’s signature blend of relaxed tailoring and suiting mixed with a very modern and edgy streak. We get to enjoy the big bold spot patterns, animal prints and graffiti paint strokes as well as the diversity of materials used for the garments which range from lightweight fabric to a thicker waxed one.

The summer vibe is easily picked up as we see a lot of gorgeous models walking down the runway wearing shorts; the colour palette which ranges from deep indigo to sage green and pink just screams hot weather, beach and margaritas!

Among the many fashionistas, I managed to see Oliver Cheshire dashing around after the show and looking gorgeous as usual.
To conclude the post, I must say I left in awe and am looking forward to get the chance to check out the clothes from up close. Well done YMC, well done!