YMC Fall/Winter 2013 Menswear Show

When I look back and think of the YMC show, all comes to mind is beautiful memories. That was the first show I’ve actually been to and it was just an amazing experience that I will treasure inside forever.
I was very nervous at first and it took me a while to find The Old Sorting office in New Oxford Street but as soon as I saw from the distance a small queue of very fashionable people I knew that I was in the right place. Photographers were running around snapping away and people from pubblications were standing and waiting to get inside.

I managed to get to know a wonderful photographer who has her own annual magazine called “Boys by Girls”.  Cecilie Harris likes to portray the beautiful faces,bodies and emotions of young male models from a female perspective; her photography is so beautiful that it is impossible to not call it a work of art.
You can check out her wonderful website by clicking the link BOYS BY GIRLS, It’s totally worth it…. I just love flicking through her pictures and getting inspired by her talent.

Talking about the event, I really enjoyed the whole experienced; as quoted from a previous post “YMC pulled out the hat an amazing show, focusing just like Long on the outwear. Amazing are the padded jackets, the long coats and the super cool biker leather jacket. All throughout the collection, they used hats on all the models, which gave a very great effect as a whole”.

I would like to thank the PR and the brand for the invite as it definitely opened up new possibilities for TWS. I am pretty sure that you will hear about the brand very often! In the meanwhile I want you to enjoy the pictures as I think they are just beautiful and need to be shared. So…. What do you guys think?

  • amo says:

    nice pics