Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him: Under £100

Valentine’s Day is only around the corner and I believe some of you still haven’t made your minds up on what to get your partner for that special occasion.
Well not-to-worry, with a bit of help from us, you can make sure to wow your loved ones, by giving a simple chic-yet-cheap gift, all under £100 and from big luxury department stores and e-retailers, like Selfridges and MRPORTER.


Our specific selection of items, is a mix of tech-gear, grooming and accessories, something not particularly big, but full of quality and style.

1) Clay Pomade / BAXTER of California: Hair products are on the top of the list when it comes to great gifts for him, after all, nowadays, guys seem to take care about their hair more and more, and there’s nothing wrong with that! We all love a well groomed chap, with the sleekest hair cut – thanks to this wonderful clay pomade, you can make sure your man, won’t go out with a bed-hair-ungroomed head; instead, an ultra-chic hairstyle a-la Douglas Booth, for example!
BUY AT MRPORTER for £18.00

2) Lanvin Knitted Silk Bow-Tie: How can you say no to a smart-looking bow tie? Lanvin, the french ultra-luxurious fashion house, made sure to create a woven knit silk bow tie which would work perfectly with a smart suit, and can be a great alternative to the serious ties! Possibly, try to give it before the Valentines dinner, if you guys have the intention of going for a bite at a posh restaurant.
BUY AT MRPORTER for £80.00

3) THE GODFATHER Family Album: A book is a good present, but the godfather family album will be the perfect coffee table book you can ever buy to someone. If you are a fan of the movie trilogy, or just a general movie-lover, this book has an exclusive selection of photos taken on the set, and interviews. Very intriguing!
BUY AT MRPORTER for £28.00

4) ACQUA DI PARMA / Balsamo 100ML: A fancy after shave balm can only come from ACQUA DI PARMA, as described on the Selfridges website “its lightweight formula calms shaving irritations and helps soothe the skin. With Hyaluronic Acid it deeply moisturises the skin and restores the hydrolipid film which has been removed by the razor blade. Helps to prevent ingrown hairs.” Well, that definitely sold it for me!
BUY AT Selfridges for £40.00

5) Reiss Perfume Black Oudh 100ML: One of my favourite british brands, Reiss, recently came out with a brand new fragrance for men, called Black Oudh. Alluring and magnetic, this amazing perfume comes in a silver-bottle, which makes the gift very masculine and intriguing. A fragrance is always a great present, well appreciated by many guys
BUY AT REISS for £49.00

6) URBANEARS Plattan on-ear headphones: Music, we all love it – and we all need a cool pair of headphones to accompany us during the work journey commutes on the tube, or while walking the streets of London, so Urbanears came up with a very funky design. These are also perfect to use together with the iphone, as they have incorporated the zoundplug, to share your music with a friend, and you can also pick up calls thanks to the built-in microphone. Smart and surely, well appreciated by your boyfriend, I can assure that.
BUY AT Selfridges for £49.99