TWS Best Outfits of 2014

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 0 , Permalink 0

It’s New Year’s eve guys! And that only means it’s time for me to show the best of this wonderful year. A lot has happened in the past 365 days: I’ve had the pleasure to attend Milan and Paris fashion week for the first time, I’ve been traveling like a true wanderluster (and there’s more of that to come for 2015), I’ve been collaborating with some of my favourite brands and attended some of the best events in London and Europe (while developing further my relationship with my boyfriend).


I have to admit sometimes it’s hard to see everything clear as I’m always striving to progress and am left wanting more once I’ve achieved something, but when I think back at what I’ve accomplished in the past 365 and look back at where I started, it really puts a smile on my face and make me confident about what I’m doing, and that the things I’m doing are right.


So here’s some of my resolutions for the new year, and things I’ve learnt from this crazy, yet exciting 2014!


1) TRAVELING IS AMAZING: I’ve always thought that traveling was amazing, but this year, I’ve discover that I just have a true need to discover new places, and just wander from city to city, see new things, have new experiences in my life. I’m a globe trotter at heart, and for the new 2015 I’m so planning to see as many countries/cities as I can.


2) SAY YES: Going to important events can get quite overwhelming, don’t get me wrong, I do get incredibly excited but sometimes it makes me freak out too ( we are only human ) but that’s how progress happens. By saying yes, and see how the path unfolds in front of you. So, more saying yes. and less saying no for me.


3) DEDICATION IS THE KEY: Yes, the secret of successful people is dedication and hard work – the more passion and hard work you put into what you do, the more success you will get. It will be recognised by people, and it will get into the vortex of the road of success. I’m going to upload many more outfits, do more collaborations with brands and other fellow bloggers like me and post MORE! 100% dedication.


4) BE POSITIVE: Being positive is the key of happiness, I admit I have a tendency to think negative, It is sort of natural to me and it’s something I’ve always been used to. But I am going to change that and think positive, because positive attracts…. POSITIVE! and that’s good


5) HOBBIES ARE GREAT: I’m thinking to get some of my old hobbies back, such as playing the piano. Or maybe start a new one – time to learn a new instrument? either way, finding new hobbies, or digging up some old ones, is a great way to keep you happy, and focused.


As I’ve written down some of my vows, here’s as well, a selection of my favourite outfits of 2014! ENJOY for now and look forward to the new year guys! THE BEST IS YET TO COME :)




Ronan x