True Religion Autumn/Winter 2013 Press Day

Monday, April 15, 2013 1 Permalink 0

Another press day post, I’m finally getting at the bottom of this, This time we get a bit more casual as this post is mainly for the jeans lover: whether you like them skinny, slim or with the low crotch… washed out or with an acid-finish, True Religion is the brand that can deliver the casual look and comfort of premium denim without slacking fashion style and trend.

The strong point about the brand is the particular thick stitching which represents the whole idea of American heritage, the fact that their are still 100% made in America and the little Buddha with the guitar on the label. Very interesting the ready-to-wear collection which ranged from printed tees, to leather jackets, sleeveless body warmers and denim shirts.

this Fall/Winter 2013 collection, we get to enjoy a new premium range of quality denim made exclusively in Italy – so forget about the classic American style – and can be easily spotted by the different label on the back, the simple wash and style differs and can attract the shy ones who like to keep it basic.

The presentation was great and I was lucky to catch up and talk through the collection with Christopher, who also invited us on trying the super delicious chicken screwers and champagne!

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