Top Fragrances of 2013

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I feel like I haven’t talked about fragrances for quite a long time, so since a third of the year has gone I decided to get back on track on the lifestyle matter and write about my favourite fragrances of 2013; now don’t get fooled as some of these have been previously released but still we all know how major perfumes can become timeless statements – Chanel N5 or Aqua di Gio for instance

Inspiration is the base and a good fragrance can always be refreshing and a good way to change subtly, now don’t think your closest friends or colleagues won’t notice!


1) DOLCE AND GABBANA THE ONE GENTLEMAN: A sophisticated perfume from the Italian duo Dolce and Gabbana. I first discovered this wonderful fragrances at Gatwick airport on my way to Milano and what a discovery! If you are a lover of spicy aromatic notes and feel like you are an elegant and confident man then this “potion” is the right one for you. Sponsored by the hot Matthew McConaughey and released near the end of 2010, this fragrance is still battling up and winning the hearts of the public, fighting against classic counterpart The One. Somehow I have to give this one my vote.



2) DRIES VAN NOTEN PAR FREDERIC MALLE: Things are getting interesting when we start talking about edgy designers such as Dries Van Noten… and this fragrance believe it or not is only available exclusively in luxury department stores. I’ve came across it randomly while shopping around the Liberty store for a pair of new sunglasses. The perfume itself is quite strong, long lasting and oriental woody based, for both men and women. Very interesting and total lux, the fragrance comes in a red box that reflects nothing but research of details and finesse. It is always described as having a sandalwood, vanilla, saffron, and belgian waffles blended and mixed together….. what a good mix I’d add!



3) TOM FORD WHITE SUEDE: I seem to have grown an obsession over time for the Tom Ford private blend collection and yet I found myself sniffing them only when going to Selfridges as they are very very expensive and can’t really afford any of them right now. After Neroli Portofino and Santal Blush it’s time to talk about another little gem: White suede. Presented in 2009, this musky perfume is known for its strong essence of musk, white suede, and jasmin musk. Almost like opening a white chocolate bar and inhaling the sweetness, as the perfume develops a smooth and musky odour takes over, showing a classic and softer side…. doesn’t it just sound like the perfect fragrance for this 2013?



4) CARBONE DE BALMAIN: Is it just me or I just seem to pick woody spicy fragrances? Once again, this perfume by the french maison Balmain features elemi, musk, ivy, violet leaf , black fig and incense. Dark and smoky, this perfume was launched in 2010 but it’s among my favourite ones of this year. Somehow it’s kind of hard to mention the beauty of the bottle which would add a great touch of elegance in your bathroom, it’s not all about the liquid you know!!!



5) JEAN PAUL GAULTIER LE BEAU MALE: Having owned all of the Jean Paul Gaultier Le male. With Le fleur du male being among my favourites fragrances of all times, I was very excited when I first found out about the release of this new perfume back at the beginning of the march 2013. Now I’ve read a few reviews around the net and many people weren’t totally satisfied with it as it’s a very fresh, very summerish kind of fragrance, different from the ones released before.

The new fragrance Le Beau Male is created to accentuate erotic potential of each man and to stimulate all sense. ”This is the scent of freshness which makes men hot.” – announces Jean Paul Gaultier

Opening up with a splash of mint, giving to it a very cool and refreshing touch. It soon develops and becomes warmer as the orange blossom and lavander notes come to life,the base is white musk that makes Le Beau male slight warmer and less pepperminty. Longevity isn’t too bad and the perfume lasts around 6 hours on the skin. If you are a fan of the Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances then this is a must and have to be put into the collection!!
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