Tokyo Street Style: The best looks from Japan

It’s no news that I’ve always had a fascination with Tokyo, and as I’ve had the opportunity to visit it last month, I have to say that it has become my new favourite city; with amazing places to eat, relax and discover. It’s not wonder this vibrant city is a must on many people’s lists.


Today I’m not going to write about what I’ve done and visited while there, (hold on guys, I promise I will get around to doing it), instead I wanted to put together a selection of photos I’ve snapped while on the streets of Tokyo.

We all know that people in Japan are very fashionable, and Tokyo has definitely proven itself as a fashion capital. Below you can see all the best looks, mostly are kimonos and traditional clothing, which I find so fascinating. The prints (very colourful and flowery), and the materials are just so stunning, it’s no wonder a kimono can cost thousand and thousand of yen.


Of course, the people in Tokyo are also very trendy, and they certainly love their luxury goods, as you can see I’ve snapped a gent holding a classic monogram Louis Vuitton folio, and a woman wearing a Gucci by Alessandro Michele overcoat featuring the classic Gucci embroidered bee.


Not only they aren’t afraid of owning their styles, (guys are more than comfortable going around wearing man bags, for example. Something it’s not as common here in the UK, unless you are in the fashion industry) some people actually enjoy wearing extravagant clothes, and meet up at Harajuku (a key fashion district in Tokyo).


Harajuku girls are very well known for their style and Gwen Stefani even made a point one of her albums of saying how cool these girls are! Super Kawaii for sure.


japan-street-style-04 japan-street-style-05 japan-street-style-06 japan-street-style-gucci-alessandro-michele-02 japan-street-style-gucci-alessandro-michele-03 japan-street-style-08 japan-street-style-09 japan-street-style-10 japan-street-style-11