The Wedding Season: Style Tips

As the wedding season is approaching, time for some of you has come to choose the right outfit to wear at your wedding, or your best friend’s wedding,Remember, even if you aren’t the one getting married, a wedding is always a good celebration; photos are always taken, and you don’t want to be remembered as the worst dressed or even worse, not be remembered at all! right?!
I’ve been asked by some of you some tips, and here’s some of it;

1) FIND YOUR PERFECT FIT: Just like for any other event, find your perfect fit, have in mind what looks good on you (and your body) and embrace it, I usually like tight fitted suits, – and I happen to look good on them too, ahem, without sounding too cheeky – and will never settle for something loose; if you have no clue on what looks best for yourself, ask your tailor to give you some true and honest advice!

2) IT’S ALL ABOUT THE COLOURS: Since summer time is approaching, you can even choose some mellow colours, I absolutely dislike people who go to a wedding with plain boring grey suits, leave them to the office, instead opt for some creamy colours, like lilac, ceramic pink, cream or pale blue! You would look amazingly good if the wedding happens to be by the beach.

For example, you can get inspired by my latest outfit with the Without Prejudice total look, In the photos, I’m wearing a creamy blazer matched with a pair of lilac trousers!

What I’m Wearing:

3) ACCESSORIZE: Always try to mix the right accessories with your suit, put together a colour palette and try and match the colours, like for example, follow the little details. Don’t forget a good pair of metal cufflinks and pocket square!

And the shoes, don’t be afraid to decide from brogues, derby shoes or oxfords, just try and see how the whole outfit looks together first and ask if it does really work. Gather a few opinions first if you aren’t sure.

Below, you can find a few images from the Without Prejudice lookbook, which shows a few colourful suits you can get, which will look great at ANY wedding!