The Right accessory: Watches

Accessorising is a great way to show people your personal taste in fashion, a way to let everyone know what you like and express the way you are; sometimes it doesn’t matter if you have an all high-street outfit, having the right accessory is crucial nowadays and will take you a long way everywhere you go. We all know that we tend to give more attention to all those little details – having a nice belt, wearing a cool pair of sunglasses or owning an expensive watch will up your credentials when you hit the cool bars in town and will surely score you a long way with the ladies (or the boys).

Today I’d like to talk to you about the most famous and desired accessory among men: The watch – Watches are the perfect accessories to prove your fashion statement to go alongside with your outfit, be it for a wedding, the office or the gym.


The day-wear look I picked today is for the man who is sporty and likes to be comfortable with his clothes, This look features a puffer-bomber jacket, a plain T-shirt (A white V-neck for example), a pair of simple stone-washed designer jeans and suede desert boots.
The right accessories in this case are both two beautiful Watches from designer Elliot Brown, a new and innovative British watch brand with a long experience in watchmaking, that had their little precious creations recently featured on TV program Top Gear.


But let’s get a little bit more into details. The first watch is made of solid steel, nothing but the best, and its silver finish with the contrast bold blue face was created to be the one to stand out from the crowd, a masculine watch,with a strong sporty – I can understand the appeal from the Top Gear people – personality, It is great for any business meeting and will fit great in the office and when you drive downtown on a friday night. Available for £375.00


My second choice is something more relaxed and casual, funny enough the watches are essentially the same model but they have been crafted with totally different materials, making them suitable for completely different events.
This watch is made with a premium oiled leather strap for all the leather lovers out there, perfect for the adventurous bikers and will fit amazingly at the gym or for a day trip on a boat.


The mechanic of both watches is said to be the finest swiss made quartz movement, effective and impeccable; The Elliot Brown canford watches are the perfect example of how you can select something, and make it your own according to your taste. Available for £270.83 (these prices are exclusive of VAT)