The Perfect Summer Bags

Thursday, July 3, 2014 0 , , , , Permalink 0
Recognizing the perfect summer bags can be challenging, but there are a few universal rules to follow  that make it so much easier to spot from a bad one, for example; A summer bag should be light, it’s preferable if it’s made of canvas or a material that can resist the elements such the sun, hot temperatures and water (so avoid pure Leather at all costs!), and of course, it has to be stylish.

We all have seen those horrible – yet probably very useful – bags at the beach from the 70s, but remember, for it to be perfect it’s got to have an appealing design (so a cool pattern, colours and shape) and be big enough for all the essentials; such as food, books, beach towels and beauty products.

So, to make it so much easier for you guys, here’s our selection of summer bags that will make your summer 2014 oh- so perfect.

1) FYT Bray Backpack: FYT & Co has focused on making great quality bags for style-savvy individuals. This back-pack, for instance, is the best example of great style, versatility at an awesome price; It can be the best bag to carry all your essentials, whether you are going to the mountains or by the coast, it looks “the part” in the city as well as at Glasto!

2) FYT Fifield Tote: Totes are the most comfortable bags to bring at the beach, spacious enough to hold a second outfit (so you can avoid going back to your hotel to get changed), your beach towel, and even a packet lunch, This fifield tote bag features a zig-zag motif (very Missoni style, we love it), it’s made of canvas and has a strap that makes is so much easier to carry around.

3) Thom Browne Leather and Canvas Tote: A classy bag that screams nautical chic, Thom Browne revisits its signature stripes and comes out with this generously sized tote. Perfect for the ones who have a large budget and just love to keep it exclusive.


4) WOOYOUNGMI Pannelled Cotton Tote: Korean designer Wooyoungmi gets inspired by the desert horizon scene and recreates a tote following the horizontal lines, made from good quality cotton-canvas, and featuring leather details (the handles), this bag is chic and can hold its beauty in places such as Malibu and Miami, without a doubt.


5) BROOKS ENGLAND pickwick canvas backpack: Made in Tuscany, this backpack, in berry red, is the perfect companion for the mountain excursions.
Built to last, this bag features back pockets (so you can keep your stuff and protect your wallets from the bad weather), leather trimmings and a zipped base. Can you ask for a better travel companion?