The Art of Formal: The Skinny Fit

Is anybody out there still a bit confused on the suit-situation? Do you start having sweaty palms as soon as you start checking out the different sizes and shapes of a three-piece-suit? Or are you just a fresh off the teenage boat and recently ditched mom for fashion advice? Well, worry no more and have a read at my collection of posts about The Art of Formal

Investing on a good suit is very important, as we grow older and become professionally involved with the fierce adult-world biz, it is necessary to look the part and a tailored suit can make you feel great about yourself.
So, cutting the long story short I decided to create a little guide on the Art of Formal-Wear, It will be sectioned in different chapters and you will learn all the little secrets and tips on how-to-wear a suit.

It’s not only about the shape and the shirt you wanna match it with, you have to decide what lapels you prefer, do I just go for the cotton material? Is grey a overly safe colour? And how about ditching the regular tie for a bow tie?

The first chapter is entirely dedicated on my favourite fit of them all: The Skinny Fit
Young and made to enhance your silhouette, the skinny fit suit has recently escalated to the top and become an all-time favourite among the younger peeps. Tight fitting around the leg, high rise snuggle-feel on the crotch-area and killer sharp cut jacket. It’s impossible to resist the beauty of a Dolce and Gabbana skinny suit, still you need to remember a few rules before buying and wearing it.

WHAT KIND OF LAPEL?: As you know different suits have different lapels, but which one is the best for a skinny suit? Logically it pops to mind the notched lapel as long as it is not too wide, shawl lapel also works well. It is okay to play with it and have it of a different material (satin works great if you are going to a posh night-event), so don’t be scared of showing a bit of personal style. The visible and contrast stitching on the lapel can be also a good way to change it up a little.

ONE-TWO BUTTON: This is a general rule for all fits, except the double-breasted jackets. If you decide to button up, go for the button on top, always remember to unbutton your jacket when you sit down and single-button jackets look sick unconditionally – particularly in skinny fit – !
Did you know that when you buy a jacket you should be able to fit a fist when buttoned? Not a rule that I particularly follow all the times – why am I so naughty? – as I like tight fitting jackets and would keep it open, but you should try that one out!

PLAY WITH THE MATERIALS: Yes, I say it once and I will say it twice… Play with different material guys, you have the chance of looking a million dollar, have you ever thought about investing in a skinny velvet? Or how about the classy-looking herringbone to give you that vintage brit look? All these materials can make you look very edgy and will particularly look great on a skinny-fit suit. This is your way to express yourself, so don’t waste the chance!

A-A-ACCESORIZE: If you wear a classic cotton suit, feel free to accessorize as much as you like – well okay just don’t go overly excited and start looking like a male version of Gaga
Bow Ties, ties, pin-ties, pocket squares and belts can turn the boring-looking black suit into something special.
Did you know that Valentino made a wonderful camouflage-print tie? J.Crew is great for floral printed ties and A. Sauvage can spice up the navy-suit with its yellow mustard tie. Contrast is everything, you can really catch people’s attention if you do it right.
Mix dark with light coloured suits, opposite hues and materials all make incredibly good contrast. When accessorizing a skinny-suit, remember to keep the bowtie and ties narrow, as wide would make you look a bit like a clown. Polka dots are great as long as they are tiny and aren’t overly big.

SO, WHAT SHIRT NOW?: It’s completely up to you, just make sure to mix the right materials and the colours. I would recommend you to avoid a bold collar, it just wouldn’t look right on a skinny-fitted suit. If you are wearing merled wool, wear cotton shirts or something of a completely different material such as denim.

On the picture below you can get inspired by some of the best dressed men out there who are totally rocking the skinny suit. Eddie Redmayne really looks dapper in Burberry!
So who’s your favourite? Andrew Garfield, David Gandy, Ryan Gosling or Mr Eddie?

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