Tech Essentials + Caseable Experience

Let me start with asking you this question, how many of you are totally obsessed with phones and the latest tech gadgets?
In a modern society where we are ruled by technology and social medias, It’s getting impossible to say no to the new-coming mobile phone or computer, and using the social medias and being in contact with you all on a daily basis – Instagram, Twitter anyone? – so, I understand such need.


Coming out as a total Instagram obsessed b*tch, I’ve decided to put together the list of my daily Tech – or almost – essentials and what you would find in my man-bag if you ever see me out in the streets:

1) CASEABLE cover + Macbook Pro
2) Ipad Air Black/Slate
3) Iphone 5S White/Gold
4) Daks Agenda

Now, you might have noticed my macbook pro enclosed in a pretty envelope/case, well, I guess it was really easy to spot, don’t you think?!
Few weeks ago I was approached by CASEABLE, a company based in Berlin and Brooklyn that produces computer cases, iPhone cases and more… and I was asked to produce my own Caseable, and that’s the result!


Talking quickly about my inspiration – I don’t want to bore you guys – and my vision; I was always very inspired by fish, the sea and the colour blue, so I started with the concept of creating a pattern that would look so from the distance, and discover a barrier of school fish as soon as you look close… and that’s what came out.


I have to admit that I am very proud of the final product, and thanks to this company, I was able to create something that was in my mind for a very long time,


Caseable gave me the chance to play with it: from deciding the colour of the zip, to the back and all… The quality of the materials are also simply amazing and it’s a worthy purchase.
If you are interested in owning your own Caseable, you can visit their website.


Now, I am very curious to know what your tech essentials and your thoughts about my creation are!