Samuel Windsor: Interview with Creative Director

I’m incredibly excited to share this post today with you guys. Following the previous two posts styling some of my favourite pieces in collaboration with Samuel Windsor*, I’ve decided to ask them a few questions to getting to know them a little bit better.

Frankly, there’s nothing better than asking away some questions, and finding out the best trivia about a brand to really understand what’s behind an idea, or how it all began!


From outstanding leather shoes, to a complete ready-to-wear for guys who like to dress traditionally British, Samuel Windsor truly got it all!



*look how I styled SW CASHMERE CAMEL COAT




Q) How did the journey for “Samuel Windsor” begin? How did it all start?


A: It was important to the founders of Samuel Windsor to open up the market and make tailored menswear affordable without compromising on style, fit or quality. The brand was set up so we can pass on savings to men who appreciate decent, fashionable clothing without breaking the bank.

Since we set up Samuel Windsor in 2006, the brand has gone from strength to strength. Our very specialist team of designers are core to keeping our collections current and on trend and as such, we have seen our range double in size. We are continually extending our product portfolio, the latest being our new formal wear which we introduced earlier this year.


Q: We understand that Samuel Windsor is all about good quality tailoring at an affordable price. And you sell some great statement pieces. What do you think is the brand’s strongest point?


A: It’s true, we are highly committed to producing menswear that represents quality, style and tailoring at a price that everybody can afford. However, our focus to offer staple, timeless pieces for a man’s wardrobe, in collaboration with some of Britain’s richest heritage woollen mills, is what really give us the edge.

In terms of footwear, our leather shoes from the prestige collection are hand stitched using traditional production techniques. In fact, each pair goes through over 100 processes and can take up to 4 weeks to produce!


As a signature of the hard work which goes into making our shoes, they are delivered to the customer bearing the signature of the craftsman who produced the pair. This sign represents all the attention, care and detail we put into making our products, as well as adding the personal touch. It also demonstrates that no single pair can possibly represent the same markings and polishes as another and it is this attention to detail that makes our brand so unique.

As our roots are firmly laid in British soil, our deep commitment to supporting the British fashion industry and British manufacturing lies firmly in the culture of our company. We are very proud of our collaboration with Mallalieus of Delph in Lancashire for our heritage tweed collections and the relationship we have Britain’s longest standing vertical woollen mill – Abraham Moon & Sons in Yorkshire for our lambswool scarf collections.


samuel-windsor-exlusive-interview-creative-the-wild-swans-british-style-07 samuel-windsor-exlusive-interview-creative-the-wild-swans-leather-monk-shoes-03


Q: What’s in the future for the brand? Are you planning to show case at any fashion event or trade show?


A: We are very busy with our international expansion plan!

Every step we make in terms of where and how we distribute our collection is executed down to the finest detail. We ensure that the best support and logistics team are in place for a seamless transition of customer service and brand values wherever in the world we sell.

So, we are very excited to announce that we have just entered the Irish market and are now working towards our big launch in the USA. With both of these exciting ventures in full swing, this will result in the creation of new jobs both in the UK and internationally. Our ultimate goal is to sell Samuel Windsor clothing and footwear in every country around the world!


Q: We always love to talk inspiration with all the different designers….Where do you get yours from?


A: The inspiration behind our brand comes from the charisma of a gentleman who dresses traditionally.

The British have always had a healthy appetite for tailoring with tweed, tartan, waxed cotton and leather and seeing the eccentricity to which they do it, is the inspiration behind our collection.

We want to encourage men who dress traditionally to explore creative ways in the way they put their outfits together by encouraging them to mix conventional materials and modern style lines with confidence.

With the intensity of autumn and everything this season represents, we build on our approach by mixing textured silks, cottons and tweeds in bold contemporary colours, matched with sartorial hues of olive, camel and orange.

The bold colours of the season, scents and freshness in the air are all huge influences and this translates well into the masculine palette of reds, oranges, greens and camel you will see throughout our range.



Q: If you could dress a movie/tv character in head to toe Samuel Windsor, who would it be? And what would he wear?


A: It might be an obvious choice, but we have to go with James Bond. He is the only character who decade after decade manages to keep his classic, timeless style and this is not to be taken lightly!

James Bond is a suave, stylish, iconic symbol of British style who effortlessly carries off clean, classic lines and has the confidence to carry off a white dinner suit so well. So, there is very strong synergy between everything James Bond represents in terms of fashion and what our customer looks for in clothing at affordable prices.


Q: Trivia are the best, can you tell us three unique things we don’t know about you guys?
A: 1) People always assume that, as a fashion brand, we are based in London, but this isn’t true. We are in fact based in Brecon, Mid Wales. It’s a fantastic working environment and we are surrounded by mountains and stunning scenery, but it does have its down side… it takes hours to get anywhere!


2) Though we love formal wear, we actually dress pretty casually in the office. (Stylish causal of course!) If you pop into the office, you’re more likely to see a pair of chinos and a polo shirt, than a suit and tie.


3) We take the testing of our shoes and clothes very seriously. So seriously in fact that we always wear trial our new products before we put them on sale. As I write now, our brand manager Max has a pair of our Albert slippers on (I did say it was casual) and I am wearing our Country Boots that were a best seller last year.

samuel-windsor-exlusive-interview-creative-the-wild-swans-british-style-09 samuel-windsor-exlusive-interview-creative-the-wild-swans-country-style-05 samuel-windsor-exlusive-interview-creative-the-wild-swans-leather-mocassins-fringe-08 samuel-windsor-exlusive-interview-creative-the-wild-swans-leather-monk-shoes-06