Royal Hem x The Wild Swans

It has been a while since I last posted a photoshoot and today you are going to discover the wonderful jacket collection made by Royal Hem, the italian brand who specialises in making high-quality blazers and formal wear.

I’ve reviewed some of their products before and you can catch up on them here
Royal Hem S/S .

The products were great, high quality and light-weight which makes them perfect for this summer season, My favourite of all was the lilac double breasted S. Tropez jacket (above)

The Safari jacket was also pretty rad and was perfect for the shoot location and the sunny day.
I surely enjoyed the fun afternoon, as me, my photographer (Jackson) and the assistant (Yann) ventured to Battersea park to find a very few cool spots for it.

  • Sammie says:

    fantastic photos and great style :)

  • The photos are just amazing! Great post! ^^

  • Hi Ron,
    Thanks for you comment! Love your blog and your style!I will be visiting often as I love men fashion! Would you like to follow each other ob Bloglovin and FB?

  • glad u liked the post and are a fan of menswear 😀

    ur always welcome here