Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 Viva La France Part 2

Creative director Riccardo Tisci finally gets a different inspiration for his S/S2014 collection, fusing tribal vibes with the retro-technology, offering a huge range of printed sweaters, stripy shirts and man leggings.

The designer goes all the way and shows us his creative visual with the beautiful prints featuring the faces of tribal people, old-style cassette players and a black and red retro dartboard. Impressive and colorful – a Givenchy collection that can wow the pickiest fashionistas out there. I admit I wasn’t particularly impressed with the F/W collection, but I reckon this S/S14 will be huge a success.
On the shoe department, we can enjoy a big selection of sandals, which are pretty much seen every Spring/Summer collection.


Another big designer of day 2, John Galliano, showcased a collection mainly inspired for the guy who likes to keep it young and fresh, the sort of man who doesn’t take himself too seriously.
Featuring polka dots and diamond-shape patterns, oversized and edgy-cut coats, the world of Galliano is full of surprises, the colour palette is unpredictable as we get very neutral colours mixed with neon yellows and electric blues. Stripy shirts, colorful triangles and odd shapes are the elements that make this S/S14 so diverse, it’s exploring each side of fashion without turning boring or tacky. A real treat for the eye!


Elegant and highly chic, designer Krisvanassche made a collection full of precious details, not necessarily for the tailoring-lovers out there, but for everyone who enjoys a good quality material and great eye for details, fusing sport-elements with high-chic. Reconsidering the code/etiquette of menswear and encouraging the customers to go for a personal style. Polka dots and crocodile prints are the small details we discussed before that add that little extra element of refinement on Krisvanassche’s amazing collection.


Oversized shoulders and exaggerated cuts are found in the Juun J Spring/Summer 2014, the perfect examples can be seen throughout the whole sweaters and shirts selection, high waist shorts and crazy tops featuring babies with deer horns and leather bomber jackets seem to be the edgy card under the korean designer’s sleeve.
Huge visual impact and edginess are taken once again on the parisian catwalk! It is pretty easy say that it’s really hard to compete with the french side when it comes to fashion.

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