Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013 Part 2

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The last part of Paris Fashion Week is about to get interesting as We are going to go through the collections of the french fashion behemots such as Hermes, Dior and Givenchy. It’s always such a pleasure to view such creativity in their collections that is pointless to say how beautiful they truly are.

Dior Homme for example, is getting an ultra-modern look. Sleek and refined with an almost military theme to it, the Dior creative director wasn’t afraid to take the brand onto a different level, less heritage classic styles and more modern and ultra-chic clothes with incredibly shiny materials. White pvc, deconstructed bi-colored coats, fastened buckles around the bust and triangle prints evoke that feeling of a movie set in the future such as Alien or 2001: A Space Odyssey, with just less blood and more glam! The color palette is very simple, choosing color blocking, we get to see mainly black, white and navy outfits.


When we talk about fashion business, Hermes is the brand that knows its stuff. Hermes breathes, produces and sells Luxury dreams made of any kind of materials. The next Fall/Winter collection will have a particularly dark facade with some flashes of bright colors such as fuchsia, yellow and dove-white. Leather trousers and furry coats are going to be once again part of the collection remaining the top choice of the Maison. Turtle necks jumpers, traditional peacoats and double breasted blazers are playing a big act on the collection. Accessory-talking this collection was rather handbag-less. Interesting the combination leather winter boots with the fluo-laces and the smart navy trousers.


Lanvin menswear always makes me want to see more and more each season, discover each outfit of the collection, as I am a big fan of their very relaxed concept of luxury clothes. Changing silhouettes, both slender and big at the same time. Oversized and skinny go hand in hand and get a dark color-over. I was particularly passionate about the purple skinny blazer and the relaxed fitted double-breasted jacket.


On the other side, Givenchy didn’t really impress me this time around with their F/W 2013 collection, It might be because of the very successful and striking previous shows, but somehow Riccardo Tisci didn’t manage to get such quirkiness out of his collection, or at least not near enough his usual. Once again, reprising from the S/S 13, Tisci brings back the theme of religion as prints on the front of t-shirts and sweatshirts. Shoes were topped and plated with silver material. Forget about the man skirts, and let’s welcome back the jackets fitted around the waist. Overall a sleek collection that brings to mind the outfits and materials of a medieval warrior, with some good pieces for the fashion brand to keep as aces under the sleeve, but as well with way too many forgettable and bland ones.

  • Ahmad Baig says:

    My feelings towards fashion week resonate with this completely. Givenchy was such a disappointment, I was most excited for this show and while there were some nice pieces I was expecting a lot more after the amazing collection for last fall.