Mr President Barack Obama by Terry Richardson

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Still overwhelmed after the last presidential results? Well we definitely couldn’t miss the chance to once again cheer for the beloved Mr President Barack Obama.
Terry Richardson, as one of the coolest photographers around – I’m still in awe about Cole Mohr’s shoot -, had the honor this time around to put Obama‘s amazing smile on print, and what a result!!
It’s like the perfect equation with them, beauty+charisma(2) of the re-elected President multiplied by the immense TALENT and VISION of Richardson. I’m pretty sure, This sure will be among my all times favorite shoot!

  • Elegantesque says:

    that’s so great for america !

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  • fran says:

    thanks for the comment and follow me

  • Kelly Ann says:

    Great post, I am now following you!

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  • Anouka says:

    Great photos! A different side of B.


  • Gabriele says:

    amazing photos,Mr.President is really nice person:)
    Maybe we could following each other?
    Let me know:)

  • he has something in the middle of his teeth… oh no :(


  • Sassi says:

    love these pics! he’s just amazing!