Mr Porter Presentation at the LCM

One of the multiple sponsors for the London Collections:MEN was MR PORTER, which probably you guys all know about because I keep pestering you with this charismatic Porter guy.
As the leading online luxury retailer gets to fund the wonderful London Fashion Week, we all got an amazing presentation from them as a treat… an event that got us an insight of the capsule collection created in collaboration with four designers: Mr Matthew Miller, Sibling, Mr Richard Nicoll and Ms Katie Eary.
The whole event was great, held on the 8th of January between 3-6 pm and located in Berners street, the presentation took place in the very fancy Alison Jacques Gallery.
As soon as I arrived after the Martine Rose show, I’ve been greeted by two lovely ladies who checked me in on their iPads. The entrance was just great, the massive MR PORTER campaign picture hung on the main wall while two gorgeous models – look above – were displaying Katie Eary’s very baroque t-shirt and Richard Nicoll’s sweater.

As I stepped into the next room, red lights and london phone boots were the first thing I’ve noticed. The second must have been the gorgeous and I mean, GORGEOUS ceiling full of black umbrellas;
I thought It was genial and I wonder who actually came up with the idea because he definitely deserves a bonus for that! It was like being in an old London during the early 20th century.

The models were inside the phone booths and were irradiated by the glowing red lights that perfectly matched with the colors of the booths. As I checked them all out, I managed to see the Katy Eary’s yellow tangs t-shirt, Richard Nicoll’s and Matthew Miller’s creations too.

The last room, was again filled with Umbrellas and it had two ipads where you could actually see the collection on the website.
If you are interested in seeing the collection online and reading the interview of the designers, just click here MRPORTER for LCM

Another very interesting part about the whole experience was the Tea and Crumpet time. Yes, you’ve heard that, anyone that attended the event was given free tea – there was a choice between green and two other kind of teas, but I ain’t a tea connoiseur I’m afraid – and sweet or salty crumpet.
The models were simply gorgeous, the clothes were interesting and…. free food and drinks?

Let me just say it to make it clear once and for all, It was definitely worth going and….MR PORTER I LOVE YOU!

  • amo says:

    great pics
    nice the umbrellas one