Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 Italians Do it Better Part 2

The second day of the Milanese fashion parade included some of the best and most known brands that sell in the exclusive streets all over the world. I can’t seem to stop stressing about the fact that the Italians create amazing garments and classic fashion statements that stay from season to season.

Bottega Veneta is one of those brands who like to play it safe, stay classy and elegant and what’s wrong with that? This S/S14, creatives director Tomas Maier comes up with a range of tailoring and formalwear, accentuating the slim-slihouttes and the sleek features, soon the show turns more casual, displaying a session of polo shirt, v-neck sweaters and checked trousers! A visually beautiful collection that lives up to the brand’s name!


Another big name was schedule for the same day, and that one is Prada! Everybody loves Prada, even the Devil. This collection is all about relaxed silhouttes and the hawaiian prints. The colour palette is full of hues ranging from burgundy, red, and mustardy yellows. Double breasted jackets and tailoring with a chilled-twist seem to overflow the finale. Overall a very great collection from the Milanese fashion house.


Salvatore Ferragamo goes all the way to something casual and sporty with his plenty variation of sport jackets, vests and sweaters. Very bright the hues used by the designer that go from grass green to deep bright blue and end with bright orange. Less classy and more fun, we like it! It’s good to know that the designer doesn’t take himself too seriously from a formal wear after the other.


Calvin Klein was incredibly surprising this season, offering a variation of outfits all ranging different shades of Blue – 50 shades of blue – taking on classic pieces like Bomber Jackets and mixing up high-tech materials together. The clouded print-sweater was one of my favourites from Calvin Klein, soothing,ultra chic and perfect for the everyday life. It was so incredibly surprising and refreshing to see such a good collection from the brand.