Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013 Day 3 and 4

The last two days of MFW were like a super fast spiral of glamour and amazing sense of style given by the infamous Italian brands; starting from the very noted and accessory-brand maker Fendi; which ended up being one of my favourite shows of the last two days.

Fendi reflects a very unique elegance, starting with a tame color palette revolving around a pale grey, this F/W 13 collection was the one to look up to. Playing with colors, shapes and materials, we get a lot of contrast from the Italian maison that doesn’t fail to deliver very smart clothing; Fur is also a material used a lot on coats, and boots, as a whole or applied just as a delicate detail on the collar. The outwear was a big concern for Fendi as we get a very huge range, from single breasted Gabardines to mid-lenght Peacots.

One of Fendi’s fiercest competitor, Gucci also pulls out the hat an incredible show as the creative director Mrs Giannini gives a homage to the British heritage with her F/W collection.
By British homage I mean an inspiration from what we see as English clothing: plenty of macs and rainproof jackets as well as extravagant and more exotic prints on blazers that brings to mind the beauty of a china vase. The tailoring is taken to another level as we see the comeback of tweed suits and a windowpane patterns on double breasted blazers. Again, a great collection from one of the most loved Italian brands of the world.

Etro managed to blend creativity with versatility in his clothing range for the next Winter. Ornate is just not the word to describe it as the brand presents a set of very extravagant pieces that take inspiration from Japan, the Himalaya and The northern regions of Europe. Robes and coats are turned almost into paintings as they get a gold-chain make over on the front. The materials used differ from silk, to fur and again to the most expensive cashmere. A collection that definitely didn’t care about looking “a bit too much” but delivered a very beautiful form of art.

Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani were the brands who played it safe, with very masculine outfits and normal shapes. Classic springs to mind when we hear the word ARMANI, but being safe doesn’t always mean being boring. Radiating elegance and wealth the two brands that go hand-in-hand had lots of remarkable outfits that mixed the classic with a high-tech more up-to-date materials. Showing voluminous coats and loose-fitted trousers, Emporio Armani never forgets to teach us a lesson on dressing like a proper man!
Armani’s accessories feature maxi clutches, black leather gloves and oversized furry backpacks that make the collection incredible.

Another very sophisticated brand that definitely did their study was Canali, inspired by the dandy figure, this Italian brand didn’t fail to deliver with their beautiful tailoring made of tweed and by keeping a tight fitting throughout each suit. The outwear – mostly peacoats – just shows the attention to detail given by the Italians to each singular garment brought onto the runway.

As the MFW fall/winter comes to an end with these wonderful designers producing such beauty, we still get to enjoy more of fashion in the next posts about the city of Love; PARIS!

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