Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 13 Day 1

Milano is renown as being one of the most sophisticated capitals of the world, and as we know Milan Fashion Week is signing each year loads of the best designers around the globe who want to show off their collections for the next seasons. Right from the first day we managed to get a mouthful of fashion from the Brit Christopher Bailey with his Burberry Prorsum and the Italians most famous duo Dolce and Gabbana.

Talking about Dolce and Gabbana, I admit that I was overall very surprised by the collection, taking inspiration and using once again Sicilian men as their models. Tailoring and art craft is absolutely enhanced in every single piece of the collection and it reflects what Mr Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce are best at, drawing on their clothes the italian lifestyle.
Religion, devotion and elegance are all seen in each outfit. Incredibly beautiful are the oversized t-shirts portraying flowers, the tailored blazers and Black wooly coats.
The iconic religious pictures of the Virgin Mary are also printed on some of the t-shirts, which kind of bring to mind what Givenchy did for their Spring Summer collection, just with a more classic style.

Jil Sander as well, puts together a wonderful collection mixed with very sleek classic lines and innovative styles. Two-toned short sleeved knitwear and suede parkas are two of my favourite pieces of the collection. The use of block colors and diagonal stripes spice things up for MR Sander, making the knitwears much more interesting and appealing to the eye. Details on the collars are given much importance as they contrast with the color of the coats adding edge to the garments.

Italian fashion brand Versace managed to surprise me this time around; extending the inspiration from the gladiator previous S/S collection to the Fall/Winter, developing it further and adding eccentric shapes on outwear, skimpy underwear and any other type of clothing. Baroque and Rococo seem to be like bread and butter for Donatella as she shows us how to rock the very curvy and ornated leaves on bomber jackets and shirts. It might be flashy stile but it can still be toned down if mixed with the right clothes.

Costume National Homme on the other hand goes on a totally different direction, choosing a more Rock n Roll style, utilizing destructed lines, biker jackets and leather trousers.
It all looks effortlessly cool and fresh. Perfect for the type of guy who doesn’t want to be unnoticed. 4
The main color pallete is black and white, with some other bright colors in between such as electric blue.

Ermenegildo Zegna infuses his classic touch, making a very solid and masculine collection full of three-piece suits, bomber jackets and coats. The tailoring is carefully selected and given a wooly or suede character transforming the boring three-piece into a more elegant evening outfit. Sportwear has also been taken into account and revised and integrated into the catwalk. A simply great collection from one of the most elegant designers out there.

I would like to apologize in advance for posting this so late as I’ve been traveling and keeping up with all the updates can be tough. Don’t worry though, there’s still so much to come!!!