Milan Fashion Week and La Bella Milano

My latest Italian adventure was so worth it; visiting the Duomo and walking around the Fashion district was certainly an experience that will stay with me for a long time; If you ever happen to visit Milano, there are some things that you have to see, first of all, The magnificent gothic Cathedral; as I was wandering inside it, I just could’t believe that something so majestic was built hundreds of years ago.

The Vittorio Emanuele II galleries also deserve to be seen, accommodating some of the best shops such as Prada and Louis Vuitton, these galleries are unmissable and have so much history. The Castello Sforzesco was also another great place to see, with the vast gardens and the walls of an antique Palace, what more could you want?

Talking about business and fashion, John Richmond showcased their Fall/Winter 2014 collection which stayed truly and strictly brit, think rock-n-roll! Lots of leather, fur and animal prints; tartan check is a big statement element for the brand, and it was seen on a couple of suits and matched with trousers or a kilt.
The colour palette varies from black, to bright vibrant red, which brings us back to the 90s rock and roll theme. A collection which brings out the grunge side of the UK.

Missoni, one of the main Italian brands, was inspired by the Surfer boy lifestyle, who comes from the City but is constantly looking for freedom and the adventure; we saw plenty of oversized knitwear, zipper jackets and hooded jumpers.

A relaxed influence with plenty of baggy silhouettes and each outfit was matched with either furry sandals, or trainers. A great collection from Angela Missoni.