Martine Rose Fall/Winter 2013 Menswear

If I had to nominate one of the busiest and most hectic shows during fashion week then Martine Rose would win it all. The atmosphere of the day was incredible and you could feel the excitement in the air as the people were lining outside The Hospital Club in Covent Garden.

Once we started going downstairs to the little venue, we were asked to start lining up on each sides of the room and to make sure not to cover or stand on any of the props – I had to admit that I was very tempted to try out the little spinning wheel in the middle of the runway – and with only a few minutes wait the show began.


It wasn’t like any other shows I’ve been before, It wasn’t a catwalk nor a presentation. It was a mix of both. As the first model came out, he started walking slowly towards the couch on the other side of the room. Soon after another one came up and the first one out moved on the spinning wheel, for a total of 3 models showcasing Martine Rose‘s beautiful collection. It was great to see all this drama added to the show, as well It was a lot easier to take a good look of the outfits and snap away.


The clothes were very peculiar, I think Rose wanted to translate onto the clothes her creativity and a revolutionary use of unconventional materials. Fusing together metallic silks and fake fur. Very interesting were the decostructed sweaters and hoodies displaying different brands of alcohol drinks such as Heineken beer and Cutty Sark whiskey. Parkas get a slight make over and become an element that revolves around being eco-friendly by avoid using real fur. The brand took inspiration from classic USAF outwear and the Jamaican community.


Now, you can get to enjoy the pictures I’ve taken and hopefully you will be inspired just like I was.

  • Cool the scenography of the show seems to have been amazing! By the way, love this late 80’s early 90’s inspiration in the clothes!


    Julia from