Marcos and Marcio Patriota by Damon Baker

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 1 , Permalink 0

Whenever I see the Patriota twins I always tend to get a mix of different feelings, from guilt to passion. It’s no news that these two bombshells love to show off and have a bit of fun with each other in front of the camera, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, in fact…we LOOOOVE it!

This time around we see the two hot brazilians wearing just the very sexy White Emporio Armani Briefs, posing for the photographer Damon Baker. A very interesting thing about the snaps is the very retro look of the photos, with the kind of old fashion grain effect on them. Naughty and incredibly cheeky, that’s how they should rename Marcos and Marcio! These two brothers definetely know how to raise the temperature in any room and make every people talk!

What’s your opinion? Too Scandalous, or are you also having a Patriota-starstruck?

  • Kiiiim says:

    That editorial is HOT! Loves it.