Louis Vuitton Pre-Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Louis Vuitton comes out with a beautiful Pre-Spring/Summer 2015 collection for gents; full of texture, detailed prints and of course, buckets of style. Being more discreet than the runway collection, LV gives its loyal customers the chance to load up with plenty of basics (and luxurious) pieces that can be used, mixed and matched throughout the year.


Starting with my favourite pieces, which are the cotton bomber jacket in military style with the 4 pockets, the tailored shirts and sleek navy two-piece suits. A collection that is hard to fault.


The colour palette ranges from ceramic blue, to ocra yellow and lands to the various shades of grey. A perfect pre-collection that prepares us for a warm welcome to the main Spring/Summer 2015 range.


For more infos, visit the official website