London Collections Men Spring/Summer 2014 Best of British Part 2

London is known both for its classic and inspiring tailoring a-la James Bond, the edgy creative avant guard innovation on textile – Christopher Raeburn proves us how edgy urban yet classic the brits can be. The Best of British is all about the amazing english designers who are proving to the world how worthy and forward England is when it comes to fashion, and boy… these designers are doing it with top marks!

Starting off with Mr Raeburn – This S/S 2014 is dedicated to the man who loves the adventure, demonstrating so by applying relaxed silhouettes and focusing mainly on rain trench coats and jackets.
Parkas are also re-invented and given an all-Raeburn appeal. The colour palette is the very striking as the designer goes for mellow tones and hues: beautiful the cream, sand and ceramic pink colours. Oversized printed shorts and jackets, beehive knitwear and missionary backpacks are created with a little edge to appeal a wide audience: from the classic type who loves basics and the fashionista.


Next on is Agi&Sam, we heard a hell of a lot from this brand recently as they took on a massive collaboration with Topman which did amazingly apparently – and Mr Porter. The duo mixes their signature and playful prints with plain colours, white and black mainly. The all black outfits create contrast with the colourful ones, leaving us far from being bored. It’s good to see different things and avoiding being over-repetitive.


Oliver Spencer takes his collection to an artsy level, fusing brush strokes and colorful prints. Relaxed-fit tailoring are available for the dapper-chappy who likes to be smart casual, double breasted jackets and bomber jackets are some of the key elements of this versatile and diverse collection. A great well done to the designer who really pushed his vision into making something artsy and for the everyday wear.


Last but not least Richard Nicoll and Spencer Hart offered to the brit-public a great show, Richard Nicoll showed as a provocative collection full of dark colours – lots of black – leather and edgy prints that bring to mind Givenchy. Python prints and shiny leathers are ruling his catwalk as the collection swift to lighter and more springy colours, but still keeping its original and flashy flare on each piece. Sleek seem to be the word that fits.

Spencer Hart goes all cray-cray for the tailoring, turning towards the Savile row inspiration and the beauty of a good matchy jacket and trousers. The colour palette ranges from neutral white shades to rich blues and brown terracotta. Hats and scarves are introduced into the collection to give a more casual and cool vibe, the rule is to keep away from the office bore, that’s for sure!


If you caught up with my previous post, you probably saw the other british designers who were involved in the London Collections Men event, I absolutely loved Pringle of Scotland so I will avoid talking about the designers who deserves to be in the Best of British but already made it onto a single post – YMC and James Long for example, I am talking about you -, and will do a specific post entirely dedicated about Burberry Prorsum as well, it’s coming up this week, so don’t miss out!

  • Lovely collection and they look up-to-the-minute.