London Collections Men Fall/Winter 2013 Day 3

Somehow I still think that the London Collections should have lasted a few days longer, as for everyone who had experienced this wonderful event, we all knew that it went way too quick.
So the last day of LCM was a mix of feelings, mostly excitement and sadness.
But the designers that were placed on the final day didn’t let us down at all with their wonderful collections.

The line up for the London Collections Men day 3 was somewhat pretty interesting, mixed with runway shows, from the ones such as Xander Zhou and Katy Eary and gorgeous presentations such as the Baartsman and Siegel and the very talented Italian designer Angelo Galasso.

Putting everything in order, I’d really like to start with one of my favourites of the day; Katy Eary’s super girly collection.
I’m in general not a fan of overly girly stuff, but I really enjoyed the whole collection; It was bright, it was fun and the prints were just outstanding. I liked the attention to details and the connection given from one outfit to another, it was just meant to come together. Fresh would be the adjective I’d give to it. I mean how can you not love the blue Lobster shirt and the all-pink sweater?

Xander Zhou displayed his collection late in the afternoon, I’ve actually managed to get to the show and even though I couldn’t actually see much, the surrounding vibe made it all worth it.
Now talking about the collection, Xander Zhou line came out very futuristic and with very innovative elements applied onto his clothes. The reverse-look quilt on the long coat is the perfect example of Zhou’s vision and modern attitude. Throughout the collection we get a very dark colored palette; mainly black is used. Red once again seems to be the color – please note the coat – for the next Autumn/Winter as It’s been applied by many designers such as Mcqueen.
In all honesty, I’ve got a bit of a Matrix vibe, especially from the very long coats we got to see from it, and the double-tail ultra long coat? I mean, it does recall the Matrix a little bit.
Accessories are also another big part for Xander Zhou as we get a taste of the eyewear collection. Massive,color framed and bold.

Matthew Miller and E. Tautz could almost go hand in hand, both the designers showcased an incredible collection that pays attention to the elegance and tradition of the british heritage. We get a lot of raincoats such as macs, peacoats from E. Tautz; Outstanding is the multicolored coat with the lines all over it. The Trousers remain with a very skinny silhoutte and we get to enjoy a bit of prints on the sweaters too.
Matthew Miller has quite a few interesting hand-knitted cableknit jumpers that caught my attention – for example the navy one on the model on the left – and trenchcoats. Sometimes simplicity can win over anything else.
In my opinion I thought the collection was very wearable and there were only a few items that I would not invest my money on! – looooooooooooove the biker leather jacket!

To close the runway show, The Nutters of Savile Row x Peter Werth came up with such a great performance at the Cafe de Paris, this wonderful baroque venue just by Piccadilly Circus. The presentations such as Angelo Galasso’s and Baartsman’s – along with the Nutters – will be reviewed on another post where you will be able to see the pictures I’ve taken and have a more exclusive vibe from it!

As you can see, I hope you’ve enjoyed the editor’s picks for the London Collections Men and I honestly cannot wait for the next event as I think it was a very big success!
Now that London is done and shelved, we can get to the next chapter of this crazy 2-weeks rock solid fashion events around the globe; MILANO!

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